Sunday, October 26, 2008


the report below is an outing out of a million outing wif jiun :) it was a friday. went for class early morning. it was account! not bad la. quite like the class. lecturer is quite good and friendly but the account is quite hard la.. i wonder how am i gonna pass my exams and assessments :(

anyway. after tat , headed to TBS to pick jiun up and went mv wif her. it was 23/10/08 and yeah , HSM3 is on showing edi. so we went to watch it lor. wanted to try the twin seat in mv de.. but then hor.. the queue is like @#!#@#@! long.. so we decided to head back to garden's GSC signature for our movie. it was way better i must admit :P sofa is much softer and bigger. more comfortable as well. :D

before tat we have quite some time and we haven eaten lunch yet. so we went to this taiwanese shop for our lunch. food there is goooooooood. although its over our budget but aiya. nvm :D

my dry seafood noodle and our passion fruit ice :D

yummy rite?

passion fruit ice blended

jiun's chicken noodle. quite oily but the chicken is good.( boneless wert ) XD
cute fish piece found in my noodle :D

after our very yummy lunch. we lepak a while while waiting for our movie. after movie we window shop for a while. jiun keep taking the shirts or sweater tat she likes for me to try. i must admit tat her taste and my taste is a total 360 degree changed! gosh! those tat i like she dont like. those tat she like for me is okay okay only. haiyooooo..
this is the sweater and shirt tat she likes it on me. we're in topman though..

and yea , tat day we got scolded by guard and worker twice XD why? *不能说的秘密* haha :D

after tat we headed back to subang to join jj and the gang for bak GOOD teh dinner. woah. a filling one. after tat jj and the gang went to clubbing, * sry dear tat u cant go. who call im 19 only* although ure not 21 and look like 6 years old only :P

we went to TTDI plaza for a drink :D

pelican apple & vodka

pelican blueberry & vodka.

both taste okay though.

sent huixian and her fren to 1u when we're ciaoing. awesome day. <3

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

awesome lunch

had an awesome lunch wif jiun weeks ago in la merridien. picked her up as usual and we made our way there. didnt had jam i still remember. awesome journey. :) we reach there early so we can still get a table and enjoy our yummy yummy lunch. these are some pic of food tat we had below. salad , and some sushi, dim sum as our apetizer.
looks good ? :)
the dessert bar. :)
and yea , special dedicated to all the chocolate fondue lovers. milk choc , dark choc and hazanut choc fondue. they taste good :) juz tat the milk choc taste a bit light.
salad bar
mmmmm :)
more more ~~

lunch was awesome. gonna go again someday :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

cooking session

sarah , kye li and i went to yam cha yesterday. then we planned to have dinner together gether as well. kye li and i

kye li and cai xi li XD

chef ong :P
chef tong ;)
sarah and i. sry guys. didnt rotate the pic :P
chef ong going naked :P
sarah wif her vitagen :P lol
me eating ;) and we had ribena vodka :P
sarah doesnt look like she enjoy it
tata! sarah could wash dishes weih. attention to all guys~ hahaha.. :D

went to play bkb today. when i went back home to shower . bathing bathing.. ei? why suddenly my back so pain de. then only i noticed my back kena scratch. didnt even realized it till i bath man. wtf. and it hurts now. should't have noticed it mah haiyo :P

2mr's gonna be a tired practical day wif the themes of malay. zzz wanton!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ipoh 2 days trip

im too lazy to type. let the pic tells u wat has happened :) the trip was awesome. thx to our tour guide nixon! :D