Monday, June 30, 2008

welcome back sister.

Currently listening to : Percinta wanita by Irwansyah

juz dropped sister at mid valley. she's catching a movie wif her frens. so i'll be her driver larh. dropped her there moment ago. she juz came back from new york last night. then once she's back i brought her out to sissha and have a talk at 1am to 3am ? lol.
then i drop her back to house. then went to zul's place to watch euro final wif gang. then after tat terus sleep there until today afternoon pula. :P
she brought me some stuff. no armani yet this time she says :D the next time larh i'll get. wheee..~~!!
not a ordinary one. after it get shoot by sunlight. the shirt will have patterns :D
and a shirt from GAP
and a quarter long pant from american eagle outfitters
and yea. last but not least. hugo boss perfume :D
well. i like wat she brought. thx sis. hmm. i guess i can consider not to buy the CK one summer 2008 edition toiletee spray larh. since got another perfume d. now got 3 different perfume in my room d. oh wait. or is it 4 ?
im leaving to Bali for holiday soon. like REAL soon. wednesday till sunday.then monday start college.. 2mr's my last day partying here before college starts. sissha anyone ? shopping? lepaking? guess i have to do last minute invitation again :D

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beauty And The Beast~

currently listening to : leona lewis-Better In Time
Went for beauty and the beast musical concert yesterday. well, wat can i say? everything is juz great. like 45211432514351 times better then Sri inai's concert. u guys should go check it out. brought the RM150 ticket and its total worthful.went wif some of my ex classmates and saw some Sri kdu gal which went to wern's bday party. and of coz. wern and her boy was there :)

me and wern banyak jodoh wan la . somehow can knock onto each other and plenty of things alike. she must be stalker-ing me all the time :P *inside joke*


have to dress-up smart casual. oh well. i got so bored of it. almost every college day i have to dress-up like tat. decided to wear my favourite polo ralph shirt. :)
getting started.

everything is juz so perfect. its not a small kid thing. majority of the audience are grown up.

holiday is still going on and 9days left. time flies. term 2 is fked up. schedule is freaking busy. everyday class is about 8 to like 5 or 6? which means everyday i have to wake up at 6am? wth?! i dont even wake up tat early in high school. never once. unless there are basketball tournament on tat day lar. check the schedule out ;) but eventhough schedule is busy. but lifes goes on. i wont be stoned bcoz of the schedule and goes life-less. after class is still party time ! who cares :P
sister is coming back 2mr. from new york. great to see her again since 7 months ago. oh yea. im gonna buy this during this weekends.
calvin klein one summer 2008 edition

it smells very sporty and refreshing. tats wat i like it. oh yea, some little announcement here for all my kiwanis buddies/cool gang / sexylicious. u all know tat kh has stepped down from the kiwanis keyleader chairmen (sumthing liddat) rite? one of my mom's kiwanis club member have stepped up at the same time. so he talked to me tat day. asking me and some of my frens to be facilitator for the coming k-leader camp. well. anyone interested plz let me know kay :)
single , going bali in 3 days for 5 days. dont miss me :) hahaha
p/s: melody asked if we can go out in monday. to all kiwanis gang :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ex form 5 gathering & belated rosie's celebration

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Went out to 1U to meet up wif gang. went to italianies to makan.
my fav drink in italianies , grape shake. using belated birthday gal as a background :D
michelle's taking picture skill not chun enough XD
rosie took this when im eating. -.-
rosie and tani(lisa) :D
then after lunch. went to walk around. went to check out cinema for movie
why are there teenager or grown up ppl in the playland?

can see clearly here.swt lol.
we got ticket! 1 whole long roW! miss beaconhouse 2007 presenting :D
went to watch prom night. yea yea , gals in the movie are hot , but its fking scary =/ my stomach almost got cramp lol.. the killer is so scary..but i do laughed though. lol. :P

after movie , continue camwhore and walk around michelle as usual wif the blur look :D
weee :D i look so fair compare to last last year when im in chinese school. seriously..
wat a reunion. although its not a perfect one but we still enjoyed ourself. at least we came out to gather quite often. have to keep in touch larh. until we're old holding tongkat also must still keep in touch ! :D hahaha..

Good luck to mommy for 2mr's financial accounting paper. :)
2mr another free day. wat should i do , where should i go, who to who wif , when should i go?
aite , tats it for the day. ciao~

Sunday, June 22, 2008

a lil thing happened days ago.

Well..its 4am now, its getting late.juz a short post.

ready to go for final exam.
after final , of coz. wif my gang for dinner and sissha-chat
wif some workers there. haha..
the next day my and my group cook dinner. pumkin chowder soup.
side dishes , potato fries , saute french beans and carrot
Chef cutting chicken into pieces , showing example only larh
today , sent mom to ampang park somewhere there. she got party , then i went for hair cut and treatment. now my hair curly curly edi XD

not whole hair but juz random hairs. or else it will be too lala.~
back look is always the best.
then dinner at westin hotel wif some aunty and uncle. and their daughter and son lar.
this is mud cake. ice cream filling anyway.

tiramisu. italian style.
after shower. the hair look a bit off. lol
2mr got reunion wif the bsi-ians. ex form 5! we rock no matter wat :D
gonna be a whole day thingie and im seriously lack of sleep now days. but nvm. its holiday anyway. who cares. sissha 2mr night. anyone ? :D

Saturday, June 21, 2008

so pissing off..

mom's car air con rosak due to the accident last time i she's not driving her car out and so then. im so kind after dinner at rhasta , the gang said going to a pun in bangsar to sissha and drink. oh well. since all of them are driving so i drive to mom and leave the car for her lor. who knows after everything when josh sending me home, i noticed my house key is in my car . coz usually i leave it in my car wan. then call my mom like 1000 times and she didnt pick up. must be in the pub lar. niama..

until about 1:30 only she wanna come fetch me from jc's house. wtf man..i fetch her anytime. when call her to fetch me made me wait so long. somemore before coming to fetch me she actually call me to ask josh to sent me to ttdi plaza there to pass me car key or pick cab.i haven been touching cab like more then half a year. my car is my cab.

lazy to take camera and post about the days ago. 2mr bah maybe. its holiday now anyway.

oooh yeaa , mom and grandma's exam 2mr. i forgot wat accounting edi. but all the best to them :D get good result and belanja me makan okay. and i'll keep my promise ;)

sorry baby tat i could't go jb to cari u. i promise next time okay :) when ure back to kl let me know. bring u around for more.

hmm.. wat else.. *tired* nearly 3am edi. tired larh. nite.

Monday, June 16, 2008

grandma birthday this time.

a week before was my twin uncle's birthday. and this time. its grandma's birthday. its the real grandma. not the not so real one XD.

oldies love chinese food

grandma and baby

cute?? :D

now i understand tat how much happyness tat a baby can brings to a family :)

boring.. 2mr im having english final exam and today whole day im still lying on my bed catching up wif this HK drama. and some conversation wif frens of coz. then i heard about this topic on fly fm when i went to school to pass sumthing to it ethical for u to see ur other half's phone. as in looking into pics and msges. wat do u guys think?

well. i think its 50% 50%. if this couple has enough of trust between them. they wont mind showing their other half their phone. or in tat case. u could also say tat they dont have to look into their other half's msges and pics coz they trust each other enough. well. wat do u guys think? :)

holiday's coming. got about 3 weeks i guess. wat to do le ? but its not tat bad this time. at least i got plans. still considering should i go JB wif classmates for days and go shop around in s'pore. or stay here coz friday got outing wif mel and buddies and sunday my BSI form 5 reunion. why must they crash together = ="

Friday, June 13, 2008

bye term 1~

Term 1 has ended. left next week's final paper test only.quite fast lar. since april 8th i think it started. 2 months edi.learnt a lot of things.oh. holiday's coming. got about 3 weeks i guess. gonna enjoy myself once again. :D hurrrray~

yesterday had this conversation wif mommy. which is about pamper.

(F) ☆╮╭°★ jïüñjïüñ ★°╮╭☆ says :i want my husband to pamper me one okay!

[c=#0080C0][c=2] ♂[/c] E d w ! N[/c] [c=38]2.70/liter[/c]:lol..which gal dun wan her bf or husband to pamper her one.but too much of pamper will causes problems :P

(F) ☆╮╭°★ jïüñjïüñ ★°╮╭☆ says :no no!!haha..won't!!! guys must pamper gals!

[c=#0080C0][c=2] ♂[/c] E d w ! N[/c] [c=38]2.70/liter[/c]:okok.. i'll take tat as a fact. but mother should pamper son rite ? hahaha

(F) ☆╮╭°★ jïüñjïüñ ★°╮╭☆ says :no no..son shud pamper mom , coz u see... GUYS shud pamper GALS , momis a gal.

[c=#0080C0][c=2] ♂[/c] E d w ! N[/c] [c=38]2.70/liter[/c]:noo , whoever is a mom, she is a women. not gal :P , so in tat case , women vs boy/guy , so by rightis mom should pamper son :D , hahaha

(F) ☆╮╭°★ jïüñjïüñ ★°╮╭☆ says :no no@,still FEMALE vs MALE,mom is a female,so MALE shud pamper FEMALE!

[c=#0080C0][c=2] ♂[/c] E d w ! N[/c] [c=38]2.70/liter[/c]:yer..不讲道理的:P,这妈妈气死人啊 :P

(F) ☆╮╭°★ jïüñjïüñ ★°╮╭☆ says :waHAHAHAHAH!AAA!,u lose!!!,yeah!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

guys, give some opinion about this. yes , i agreed tat guys must pamper gals , but too much of pamper will cause problems for me. especially in relationship.but in the case above is mom vs son. so.. :D give some opinion bout it. :D

im such a good boy today. after class went to have lunch at atria wif jc. then mom called me to go pick her up at kota damansara coz there is this xixili warehouse sales there. so i went to pick her, then had dinner wif her like an hour ago , jap food again :D yum..!!~~ then now stay home blog , didnt go out. or should say. not yet go out :D its friday night okay :P

gonna go play badminton wif wilson and his fren again 2mr 10am. and now my body muscle still aching like hell. but after warming up then wont hurt tat bad edi wan larh. had experience in it. last time play basketball like mad also no problem. tournaments more then exams. training more then studying. but im happy wif it , basketball used to be my life.

looking through these photo make me feel like playing it now.