Saturday, October 31, 2009

kenji! :D

here let me introduce kenji to everyone :D its adrian's doggy btw. went to his house to do project earlier and i saw his cutie dog so i decided to take pics with it :D haha.. its damn small in size.but not exactly the smallest dog i've seen. the smallest one will still my kioko. rachel's doggy.

gahh.. next week is gonna be a super tiring exam? law assignment? then french exam? last week i only had english mid term test. and somemore next tuesday got late class till 9pm++ man.. can u imagine i need to do last minute studying plus those tiring class? both add together u can get "death" =X
but no matter wat.. i'll still destress myself with the best way. and of coz. with the best companion :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

understand the misunderstanding

i ter-emo larh last night. over some misunderstanding.. had a painful night and half of today.
but today after class. ahha! im okay dy. i would have made the first move if u wasn't sleeping okay.. but u did the first move in the end.

u made my day once again. u made me feel **** on. :)
miss u.. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

recent pictures from my iphone! :)

i've finally found out how to transfer pictures from my iphone into my comp so tat now i can share to all of u :) thx to PIVO my blog reader from UK. ( i think so.. ) :)

picture quality is okay. acceptable. next time i dun have to bring my camera around edi :) unless special occasion la of coz :)

alright. let the picture do the talking yea..

after dying our hair. khy li's bronze and my purple red.

after drinking in genting with the gang. we're all dead. not only because of the alcohol but also the tiredness coz i went to somewhere near ipoh to attend a wedding dinner before i drive up all the way to genting. it was before college starts

the black forest cake tat i've learnt to make in our term 5 pastry class. dun really like it coz its sweet. u wont wanna know how much sugar we added into the cake.

went brussel for drinking session.

random picture in my 2nd house. look neardy..

special application from my iphone. the gal in the scetch is yiching :)

i also had this a number of times. best sashimi in town :)

appetizer tat me and my senior made last monday..

another random pics from my 2nd house

khy li and the westin soft toy. u can probably find it in zhilei's room now :P

lina and i in the pastry kitchen

random shot from genting. i wasnt camwhoring okay. someone took this!

watermelon sago loh. from a new dessert shop in ss2 near KTZ. u guys should try it out. they got a huge variety of choices of dessert :)

my buddy :)

every friday after our practical class. we got 3 hours break and this is wat we do in my house. WII! :)

at 3JC @ sunway pyramid

tattoo :)

appetizer tat i made. poach egg wif holande sauce. (holand zap! ) :P

main course tat i made. pan fried fish wif ratatollie wif katine potato. (katan shu) :P

Saturday, October 17, 2009

something which im so attacted to comes in a sudden

sometime you'll just cant expect something which will come with u when times comes..
someone that u might not expect that will appear in your life..
but it just appeared to me very unexpectedly..
life is already beautiful but when it happened..
it makes it even more beautiful :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

for the peeps that hasn't know..

i've change my number to

0122077413 :)

anyone knows how to import pics from iphone to the comp? :O

for the peeps that hasn't know..

i've change my number to

0122077413 :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

whoops.. missed out one of my gift :D

missed out one of my biggest gift from HK in the previous post.

my Louis Vuitton wallet.

4 biggest present i got for myself

earned some salary in the 3 months i've worked in hotel nikko in hongkong. and i managed to save an amount of money in my 3 month's allowence. so i brought some gift for myself and save some money for future use :) so actually the 3 months i went HK is not a waste huh i guess..

first of all , i learnt a lot there. met lots of frens. and some hot chics la of coz :) haha.. anyway.. and i earn myself some money. gained experience. more and more :) and now. i can cook way better then before i went HK.

brought myself...
an iphone :)
hand carry back a pioneer player all the way from HK.
a burberry tee which im so in love with it since my first sight.



tweeter at the both top side

using focal speaker.. french handmade. 6 inches.

2x 2000w 4 channel amplifier under both seats.

12 inches MB quart sub woffer. german handmade as well :)

drilled a hole at both of the front sit door side for the 6" speaker.

so far.. the feedback from my frens of the whole sound system is great. they all like it and i personally LOVE IT! :D

i speed less these days bcoz of it recently :P aiyo.. must enjoy mah.. spend so much money in it and speed meh. cannot enjoy somemore waste petrol. but unless im pissed or in a rush. i'll still speed like no body's business. like wat my frens said. Myvilution :D hahaha..

will post up my last farewell+ah yan's birthday post from HK soon.