Sunday, August 30, 2009

grandpa's birthday tonite

going to tsung kwan ou to have dinner with grandpa tonight bcoz its his birthday today. 88 or 89 years old he is. very old isnt it ? ;) and he's still having good health. ;)

well. another week's down. hurray~ haha :D so lets see.. less then 20 days of work coming. next week's gonna be my last week to stay in les celebrites. many event next week will have and my exec chef ask me to help out as well ;) monday i have to take over the seafood section. have to prepare the seafood la. cook when customer order. and plate all the food. tuesday is cooking class. then wednesday normal day will be. thursday im helping my exec chef and my exec sous chef's cooking show in "wan zai" in the evening. so i'll be a little commies there :D its a function called restaurant and bar. will blog bout tat soon. err.. friday and saturday should be normal as well then tat will be my last week of working in les celebrites

then the following 2 weeks. sagano~ japanese kitchen. i dun expect myself to learn much there in this less the 2 weeks of working day. but i'll see and learn some tats for sure and i'll see how things goes and how different from it compare to les celebries. in tat 2 weeks. one of the days im going back to les celebries to cook for ejinn due to her coming visit. which is a thursday then the friday and saturday i'll be taking off go travel around HK wif her. sunday will be working coz i have taken a extra day off for yao shun hor early august. so i have to work and replace it. haha.. then the last week will work 6 days and sunday my collegues and frens are making me a farewell BBQ party on the sunday.

then another 2 days i'll be free. like totally free and wednesday. im taking off back to KL already!! :D

hehe.. blogging bout the coming 3 weeks sounds fun but my lazyness juz hope to finish every single working days coming ahead. lol. wat to do. im juz too lazy. XD

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

counting down! in my heart :P

im counting down now in the remaining days of training in my heart EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY lol :D i believe all other of my classmates are doing tat too coz training is juz to tiring and so much work to do as it compare to our lovely college life! rite? :P

if im not mistaken. 22 days left after cutting today's digit in it. 22 working days remaining. then 14 days till potato come visit me and i'll make special menu for her as i invite her and her mommy over to my hotel to dine in. then taking 2 days off to go hol around wif her. shopping.. ocrean park.. the peak! here i come!! keke.. i never really enjoy traveling in HK before although i come back like every year?

thursday , friday and saturday. then 3 more weeks to go where the DH students will have only one last week to go. pretty unfair isnt it ? =/ but if i wanna stop working today oso can one la. depends on myself only :P but i choose not to. im taking this training as my part time job. as i'll earn an amount of money to spend on wat i want to buy. here's wat im gonna buy

  1. audio system for my lovely car.(player,speakers,amplifier,and woofers + lining and everything)
  2. LV wallet.
  3. burberry's latest silver button tee.
  4. iphone 3gs 16g

after buying this 4 things i'll save the leftover money edi. those stuff will cost me RM8~9k i guess. broke man.. =/

1st time buying so many stuff in once shot. it'll be my biggest credit-out in my life. new record lol!

cant wait to go back to enjoy my life. but i do love my life here too wif my new frens here ;) but i have to say again. im juz too used to kl ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

polly's last day

aww. another trainee has finished her training. soon to be me :D but its unfair tat DH student has only 10 weeks of training only where DC students have 12 weeks. hmm.. why why? jia ying.. this is for u :P
oh yea. i found sissha in HK! haha.. taste sux thought. and its 7 to 14 times more expensive then kl's. err.. but wat to do. 2 months never sissha.cannot even remember wats my set A's taste edi. haha.. :D found it in tsin tsa tsui.

ah cheong. asi pastry sous chef
qiu kor the partie pastry chef , and ah hang , polly and tong tong.
cherry , polly and i
random pic tat i took yesterday. during break we always go out to makan tea time. from the left is ah joe the cook A of french kitchen , ah ray the waiter and ah sam the somanliar ;)
keng wai! cook B of french kitchen.

after today's work then it'll be 4 weeks left to go !! :D should i start counting down already? hehe..

oh yea!! my spoon is coming over to macau/HK for holiday :D waiting for u to come yea.. will bring u around in tat 3 days ;)

Monday, August 17, 2009


yao shun ho! for my banana readers. the 3 chinese words on the topic bar means sea boat trip :) its so fun going out to the sea wif the gang. im the youngest there if u dun count the 8 years old kid of one of the adult. others are like 20+ 30+ and i dont even know them until tat day itself. in the end of the day i get to know all of them edi. they're juz so nice and nice to be with. :)

got lots of pic and i donno which to post. u guys can go visit my blog for more pic and also there's a funny video of us. its edited of many small video together. go watch it guys.

i've came HK for almost 2 months edi. and i realised tat the ppl's lifestyle , ways/frequents of drinking.. how open and social skill of ppl here are very much different from kl's. actually i kinda like the ppl here then kl. maybe its their lifestyle and all. i find it more comfortable :) but im not saying tat kl ppl is bad or wat. its juz different and my prefer :)

oh yea , mom will be visiting me soon and also my potato salmon head spoon gal magnet will be visiting me too ^^! cool man, got frens come visit me! keke.. i'll take off and teman u for the couple of days ure here kay ;)

im getting lazy of working edi. but then when i think of skipping work. i will lost $100 per day lol. which is a lot. so in the end after i think twice..i always go back to work! lol. wat to do. got good paid :)

its the final 5th week of training. and im looking forward to the end of it everyday so tat i can go back to kl and enjoy my life there which im missing a lot. but i'll miss here and all my frens here especially.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

comp down

my current house's lappy is down for quite sometimes. =/

Monday, August 10, 2009

another drinking session.

went out to drink AGAIN last night and today i worked as well.. damn hardcore rite? haha.. my body is getting used to alcohol edi la. drink edi the next day work oso no problem one. haha :D but plz plz no beer belly lol! the last time i went out to drink was.. err.. last wednesday! still haven blog bout it.

i'll upload the pic of last wednesday and my social pics soon aite dont think i need to intro these ppl again larh. since i've intro them to u guys for so many times :D

oh yea.. i burnt my hand today while pan-frying goose liver :( the oil was burning okay! damn painful now.. my exec chef call me to see a doctor 2mr =/ does tat day ? hehe..

here's 2 small spot which is not tat clear

and this is the big ass one
it hurts! hope it wont have scar after it recovers..

my poor boy-magnet cut her fingers too after 2 weeks never work =/ and she ter-use sanitizer on it =.= ouch!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

last last sunday's children party @ hotel nikko HK.

food food and food. its a sunday and i have to go work again. means i've worked all 7 days in tat week. how tiring it is =.=..
look weird..
and more desserts.
the view of the ballroom. can see the habour sea view :D
im in charge of the food carving :)
cotton candy machine. its a need for children party..
popcorn too :)
noodle section..
tasty HK porridge..

fresh japanese muachi section..
magic section
and more games.. =.=
ah 茄! :D
i cutted my hair short. and got some good compliment and bad feedbacks. compliments are mostly from female is i noticed and bad feedbacks are mostly from guys..
compliment from Ejinn :D hehe..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

sing k + drinking

its pretty common for me to go sing k and drinking. i've been here for only a month and i've been for drinking plus sing k for like.. cant even count how many times. HK ppl ah HK ppl.. and the way the drink is much more powerful then msia ppl -.- im so gonna have beer belly larh. :( although i dun have atm. some pic of one of the drinking session. polly , mel mel , edwin :)
mandy , polly , ivy , mel mel , edwin and iris
maggie and ah yan
maggie , mel mel and ah yan
Aby!! funny la this gal :P
me , polly and Aby
situation of the room. only a side i took picture.
today... went for haircut! then went over to colourmix aka the shop tat my frens are working in for some talk.
ah yan took pic of our leg.
and palm. she say its friendship palm and leg. lol.! :D
mel mel and i with my new hairstyle. damn short la!
working in hotel really damn ma fan.. tsk tsk..
took more pic wif ah yan's handphone. will get it from her someday..
still have some older post i haven update. the next one i'll be updating some other day should be children's party in hotel nikko. :)