Monday, June 29, 2009

1st day of training and the day before.

the day before training. woke up. washed up nicely and here im on my way to shopping once again :) i need to get my safety shoe and haircut tat day actually. while i was crossing the bridge to the other mall to get magazine. i say this. it was raining and some car got into an accident in a straight road wtf? lousy driver they are. definetly.. so u wont only see this scene in the movie but in real life ;)
took the train to jordan station. went to the mall and i saw this. HONEY BEE CANDY SHOP! damn a lot of candies. muimui ! u can get ur gummy gummy bears here :)

cant find my safety shoe in tat mall. so i continue searching for it in mongkok. i got there all of a sudden. i dont even know where i went lol. and i saw zariq's car in hk :P its consider a lousy car in HK. u will know why later..

walked pass the chicken place. the guy actually offered me lol. but of coz i walked away la *wink wink* :P prostitution is legal in HK okay btw..

brought my shoe edi then i went to causeway bay , tong lo wan. for more shopping and haircut. LV and gucci both oso got mega sales man. decide for me guys. lv or gucci, a wallet or a bag? hmm.. gucci's sales even went up to 50%. crazy.. im so gonna get one before i leave.

good bye my hairssss
short enough? look bad i know.. wat to do. hotel needs to have such requirements..

when i leave. i saw this outside of the saloon. this is wat we called rich ppl's car. see the number plate. if u think this is a rich fella. then u should continue reading..
started work today. 1st day. hotel nikko. here i come :)
basically the uniform is almost the same as JW marriott KL. i should say 80-90% is the same. the hat is so tall and so heavy. so uncomfortable. left work at 4pm where is should be at 6 for body checkup. i answered a question wrongly lol. the doctor asked. how much do u smoke or how often. i said 1 pack per week. but when i left the clinic. i juz remember tat i do sissha. woah. if sissha oso counted in smoke. how many tons of smoke i produce each day ar ? hmm..
i went to the sea side which is behind my hotel after i left the clinic. so i dont only see this view in the movie. but in reality. hehe. very windly. cooling and pretty nice view..

at night should have better look. wif all the lighting and all.
on the way back to my hotel. wanted to go to the street next to my hotel for snake. saw this car parked at jockey in my hotel.
LAMBOGINI! take another closer look at it.awesome right? this is wat we call. rich ppl's car in HK. its very common to see ferrari , lambo , maserati and all in HK. see until u sien ar.. HK's car is much cheaper compare to msia though..
the kai dan zai damn nice one okay.
this is the snack street as i mentioned above. damn a lot of nice snack one. eat till u crazy! lol.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

3 Monthssss


This is you.


This is the llama that I think you look like. xD

It does kind of look lik you in a way, don't you think? =p

Anyway, I just got home from Rasta with Khairil not too long ago. I smsed you just to irritate you cos you can't go to Rasta for 3 months but looks like the message didn't go through. Dammit. ):

Oh ya that guy in Rasta... the one who is deaf and dumb remembers you! He was more or less using sign language to tell us that he missed you and he tried to tell Khairil that I cried when you left wtf !!

I did not cry at all!
I celebrated actually.
Wtf just joking I didn't celebrate, really wan.

So for the next 3 months my life is going to be quite a bore.
I won't have an older brother to bully into buying me Starbucks coffee. ):
No older bro to take me out to eat Japanese food. ):
No older bro to call me out for random spontaneous yamcha sessions. ):

I will still have my real big brother but that one useless wan. He doesn't pamper me. You become my real brother can? I don't want that chao ah beng already wtf. Okay deal ya? :D

Nah nice picture of you at your second home. (:

Anyway, take good care of yourself in Hong Kong and come back soon with lots of presents for me, okay!? :D And also, you better come back quick to take back your car cos since you allow me to drive it, you can be pretty sure that I'm going to kill your car.

After all, I haven't even gotten my license yet ...
But I think I can handle your precious car ...

You trust me la, right? :P

Okay got to go. So, this is your little gift from me ya? (:
Good luck with your training which starts tomorrow, I think.
I'm skipping school again. Hehehehehe.


oh ya .. PTB misses you too. =p

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My favourite set A is well known ;)

yesterday when i came back from interview. i saw this message from lina on the laptop :P

didnt know it is TAT well known :P

but most of my frens who do go yamcha wif me sure know wan la. :P

miss it miss it :D

cant find set A in hongkong larh.

training starting soon. 1 last day of holiday.

then it will be 3 months of working.

i can sense the tirednesssssss.....

Friday, June 26, 2009

part2 shall continue ;)

on tat very morning. i wa so touched la. my brothers and muimui came to airport and send me off. and thx for the card. i'll snap pics wif it and post it up soon kay. miss u all la. kia! rasta? ;P haha.. lou wong and khy li
jay , celes and muimui
take care peeps :)

once im landed and got my ass out from the airport. i went down to catch a bus to go home. while waiting for the bus.

spotted this policeman saman-ing a car :P

on the way back home..
then today. woke up and then went to kowloon for my interview at hotel nikko.

everything was ok. i knew tat im sure accepted edi one anyway..
then i left and went back to ma on shan , which is where i live. dad and i decide to eat at this japanese restaurant. u know the movie called " wo mei nong ching" showing on astro now ? this japanese restaurant is the japanese restaurant in the show. damn good business ok? yesterday i took a number ticket. which is 70 number was from the currect number and coz its too long. dad and i decided to go supermarket and come back and check it out see wats the number at tat time. and the number was juz 2 number after the number before we left to supermarket. so we decided to eat at home last night. haha. crazy rite.
but today..
we get to eat there.

there are actually more sushies but i was too hungry at first so i could't snap pic of them.
ate the most was salmon sushi la. we ordered 15 salmon sushies. coz its cheap yet worth and nice. $45 HK for 15 fat fresh salmon sushies not worth? i'll smack ur head upside down lol! :P
california sushies?

goose liver sushi , mix fat tuna , squid and flying rolls sushi. all raw :D

hot tea cup
plate was nice too. green!

smoke salmon belly dipped wif soy sause and burned.
yum but a bit salty
cold udon
more salmon sushies
flying salmon roll , salmon roll , the last one forgot is wat edi
this is some imported fish from japan. taste good though but cosy the only thing sux is the tempura
unagi sushi too :)
dad has left to UK. im home alone for 3 weeks. weeee :)
gonna go for haircut , shopping for safety shoe and more 2mr :D
i want rasta..
i need rasta..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the day before i left to hk part 1

3 more hours to be interviewed by nikko hotel. i am here to blogging to kill sometime. hehe.. i'll blog bout the part 1 first. then only blog the 2nd part later or 2mr.

whether in HK is killing. like seriously. no sun oso hot. imagine got sun how? tsk.. surprisingly im quite used to no car. haha.. maybe its the habit for me in HK.. but i still miss u my P.O.E. *property of edwin* hehe..miss modifying u..

dad's leaving tonight to UK for 3 weeks. i'll be home alone. weeeeeeeee~ talk to me! anyone? :)

anyway. had a farewell yamcha session @ my 2nd house the night before i left with..

mui mui :)

celes. it was her birthday too tat day. happy belated birthday once again :)

my Ho Hia Di. also known as chao ah beng. :)

another Ho Hia Di. also known as Dai Lan Ong :)

another hia di. also known as sei sohai :P

and since lou wong is always good to me. dun give him stupid name la :P

cheering wif the sissha pipes.

can u see the PITA? :D

hahaha.. the night before i had 3 sissha session man..

25/6/09 12am: leaving from jb wif lots of anger and misses

2:30am: reach home.

2pm:woke up

4pm: went rasta wif yi ching.

6:30pm: dropped mui mui home and went home, dropped the myvi coz sister needs to use it.took the mercz and out to 1u for dinner with mom.

9pm: picked mui mui up and off to rasta to meet the gang

26/9/09 12am : left rasta and went safa wif jia yang my twin bro as he wanna farewell wif me oso.

2am: reach home to start packing my stuff and sleep.

tats the last day of me in kl for 3 months. :)