Wednesday, June 30, 2010

7 days left

1 week..
7 days till i'll leave :(

Thursday, June 10, 2010

visit me again in july

i think im too busy to blog nowadays. somemore my house got no internet. so yeah. i think i will only continue blogging when im at melb. i think most of u all know that im going melb in early july rite? so yeah :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

french oral exam

in a few hours time it'll be my 21th birthday woohoo :) but the sad thing is. i'll be having my french oral exam tmr. today whole day have been preparing for it. tsk!! so ngam one bumped into my birthday..

today i went college to do a bit of my french's introduction. thx to tiff and beat for helping me out. :) and when i was in cafeteria. i hear ppl singing happy birthday and when i was leaving college. i hear ppl singing happy birthday in the class as well. so many ppl having birthday today one? hearing those ppl singing happy birthday makes me feels a bit.. happy? haha..

oh well.. time flies. cant imagine im already a grown up now. no more teenager man.. how sad is tat. my birthday party on last saturday was good. lots to tell but i kinda dont remember everything .. because... hehehe.. i was tip top tipsy. but i was happy okay! tell u guys more once i get the pictures from jiun and the others k. back to study now :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

taylor's have idiot drivers

some stupid idiot driver in taylor's bang my car when parking. wtffffffffffffffff..!! now i have to take out my own pocket money and pay to fix it one day. arh.. if not i can use the money to further mod my car!! dammit -.-

Thursday, March 4, 2010

new post

the new post is down there. below the restless week. uploaded the pic earlier but didnt put it the words and i saved it as draft earlier. ;)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Restless week

This week is gonna be freaking tiring man. Gosh. Last night. I went zouk to club wif waihong. Sam. And all. Then after went to yamcha. Then straight go back to home and rush assignment. I've to hand it up before I go college at 7. Then. After class ends at 1. Went straight to the police station to settle my police report. Then went for lunch. Rasta. Then shop grocery for tmr's family dinner coz chef Edwin is cooking for the day! :)

And now. At rasta again. Suddenly so many outing pops out all of a sudden. Later at night. 4 different gang of frens asking me to club. Which one to go to leh? Yet I felt so restless. Simply bcoz I didn't sleep at all last night? Then tmr morning have to go bangsar to get more grocery and prepare for the night's family dinner. Woah. Tired weih! Restless weekend. Suddenly. So many outing happening. Somemore my car juz accident last fee days. Now I don't really have a car to drive around. Damn ma fan lor seriously. It's like. It feels so wrong at some time :( I miss blasting my sound system in my car man. Hope it won't get missing at the work shop. It cost me 11k on it.

Wish me luck surviving throughout the weekend guys :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

once upon a time..

after 3 months.. finally this outing happened! :D its juz one happy day. no worries. no anger no anything.. juz enjoy.. eat.. drink wif the princess ;) we hoop from one place to another. so basically we were everywhere :P haha.. i'll put a lil caption under the pics.

me ;)

the princess

she actually spotted the moon tat day


princess and i

she's too light to lift me up xD

then her hand suddenly got itchy.. and..

the princess plan to kill the leafs! poor tree..

dinner time. ;) salmon sashimi.

agedoshi tofu


niku udon

enjoying every single moment eating the food ! yumm

chawan mushi

we shared everything..

she's pretty satisfied wif the food i guess :P

nothing beats the icecream we had in hongkong.. rite ejinn?

ape reaction ni? hehe.. thx for dinner once again.. should't have left my wallet in my car and let u keep my car key! hmph -.-

off for some drink ;) this is.. vodka lime

and this is.. singapore something rite? cant remember dy.

then we had 2 white wines after tat. nice ;)

1st u smell

2nd u shake

3rd smell again ?!

then u drink! :D hahaha

poser? or stoner?

a happy day ;)

Sunday, January 31, 2010


my 2nd aunty striked lottary! and decided to buy us a great dinner. so they asked me what do i wanna eat. so of course. japanese food larh of course. and i wants the Finest one! :D here the pics of the food.

this is kobe beef fyi ;)

terriyaki cod fish. damn good!

more kobe beef