Sunday, August 31, 2008


WHHheee.. this week was a week which fully filled wif activities. as usual. monday till friday had classes but didnt really feel stress in this whole week. wonder why. but i did ponteng some classes lar. shit larh. my ponteng habit is coming back :( thx god its towards the end of the term edi..

went out wif mommy 4 days in this week. woah. didnt really noticed it until she was droving back to her house. some pics bout last week.

went to nzx " ngao che sui" to yam cha wif the peoples. i thought the place was like sumthing like next to a drain. but who knows its actually china town.. zha dao!

we went to a coffee house to makan and chill. but they closing like 11:30. so we dun want them to stone there juz to wait for us larh. we went station one somewhere near by there to continue our process of chilling.we played card. started off wif bluf! nixon had the most card in the end :P hehehe..

and i lost in snap! im so slow motion larh. i have to be more alert larh! :D

thursday went for a seminar bout this culinary school call Le Corden Bleu. they do offer diploma , degree , master , professer. wow. and taylor's only offers till diploma. i talked to my mom bout tat. mom quite agree wif it. now the only thing is i'll have to call dad and talk to him bout it. if he say yes. then sorry ppls. edwin will be leaving soon to outstaion for further studying. either london , paris , australia , us , mexico , and many many more choices. one of them. i'll miss u guys larh. my dear frens. all of u.... every single one.but the course is way more expensive then taylor's. taylors's one is 40k for 2 years. and their one is 60k for 1 year only. cant remember was it aussie dollar or ringgit. culinary art course sangat mahal larh. but wat to do. i hardly get interest in studying. but the good thing in LeCordenBleu is.. u can choose wat do u wanna specialize in. like for me. i prefer specializing in kitchen but not pastry. and less lecture. so i can actually choose according to wat i like. tats pretty good larh.. after tat went dinner and lepek at rasta. but i didnt sissha on tat night. i should cut down my sissha-ing. i've been sissha-ing everyday at least once per day. and i'll save up more money to shopping!! :D

friday, mommy asked me out for dinner. its call "yu lan sheng hui" which i still dont really know wat does it means. but dinner was okay. jiun wif her cousins. after tat we're off to Zouk to clubing. tat was mommy's first ever clubing.

we open a bottle of liquer. cant really remember wat was it.sumthing V.O.S.P. but taste pretty good wif coke. we danced whole night long. i wanna go again! :D but have to control myself larh. monthly expenses getting higher.

mommy's elder cousin and i.

we hang around there till like 3 sumthing only ciao. and poor mommy have to go work on the next day 8 o clock. her eye bag is gonna pop out even more :P take more rest larh mom :)

then the next day was.. MERDEKA! hehe. went to get momma as usual , nixon , and grandma. and we went souled out. souled out... quite a memorable place. but oh well. its past. i should look forward but not behind. we ordered some food and share. so full lol at the end of the day.
mommy and i :)
grandma and momma.
nixon and grandma.

momma and i ordered cocktail coz they are doing this promotion 51% discount. called commander in cheif. taste okay larh. but quite thick.
nixon and i
and of coz. US!
this one looks better :) i look so tall in this pic. isn't it ?
nixon and momma
the cocktail was so thick. so i added some ice cube to make it smoother.
nixon wif mommy and grandma.
and of coz. happy family :)
we got a few hours left till merdeka. so we decide to drive around and look at the night view of kl larh. in the end ended up at bangsar's mango manic. the two fat free mango yogurt look like "sai" rite ? :P hehe.. the shape larh. but it taste pretty good. suitable for momma and grandma larh. not fattening rite? :P

grandma drove my car to bangsar. and momma drove my car to drop nixon , grandma and herself back. okay larh. they both drive safe. :) me too okay. juz a slightly lil faster. :P

tats all bout this week. and yeah..! monday's public holiday! yeah.. !

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Charity fun fair :)

promised momma and grandma to open a booth and sell some product. and last week. its the worst week ever. 6 assessments! god.. and all of them is on thursday, only 1 is on tuesday. so i only started making my product on thursday after class. we went to one of the shop in Sri Petaling called home chef to buy ingredients. then quickly rush to may's house to start baking. and thursday we ended up about 12. and friday ended up about 2. then went yam cha and shower and stuff. only get to sleep around 4:30. and the next day is saturday edi. have to wake up at 7 to pick ppl up and prepare our booth.

head chef , may - from MIB *malaysian institution of baking*
showing example.

there are many ways in decorating the cookies
like this oso can
like tat oso can
then we bake them
even square oso can!

ryan loves this the most.
and of coz. i like this.!
on thursday. eversince we reach may's house to bake till we leave, we didnt makan anything. not even dinner. so on friday. we smart edi. went out to makan and take a break :P
chef ryan and chef edwin
then ah yew brought her frens come to help out oso. actually wanna go yam cha together one. but in the end at ended up at 1 sumthing. so yam cha canceled lor. pai seh pai seh ah yew. :) promise will go yam cha wif u again someday in next week

after tons of baking. of coz. we all cleaned up before leaving may's house :)
tata! its saturday. i can go taman desa by myself weih :P actually the signal is the baloon la actually :P
the entrance :)
preparing preparing..

cookies in packet. anyone ? :D
temptation pastry was our booth name. thx to ah ma :D
failure product..
lol. promoting my last minute speggeti and salad. why last minute. coz i noticed tat our booth sell too little stuff . so we quickly think of something and may and i quickly went to parkson near oug to get stuff. then go may's house quickly cook. in 1 hour and 30 minute time. we brought everything we needed. prepared salad and cooked the speggeti sauce and noodle. who cooked the speggeti ? chef tong lar :P hehehe.. but actually may's mom helped us in every single thing lor. appeciate it aunty :) our speggeti is the only product tat we can manage to finish selling it.
ah ma wif her camera

mommi and her fren , or cousin ? donno. she didnt intro me oso. :P
My FM was here :P and i won quite some goodies. one of it was the VIP ticket to sg wang. 5 superstar from taiwan coming :) still donno wat to do wif the tickets..
then it was raining very badly about 3pm. so we start ciao-ing. dropped my gang back to their place and i quickly ciao home. was so tired and sleepy in the car jammed in LDP. tat was dangerous weih. went home showered and went dinner wif khy li , tian hui , han quan and wei guan :)
after dinner , i went rasta to yam cha la as usual. then 11 o clock went to join khy and the gang at century - the curve for cocktails :)
and today? about 2pm only woke up and im still sleepy.2mr got practical class weih. cham liao =/
Some nights you want to lay there and forget that tomorrow's getting closer and closer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Edwin always keep his's promise :)

promised cynthear to bring her along for haircut and walk around in KL town coz she needs a cut too and she never been to KL town before :O

went to pick her up at her place near college at early afternoon. after tat went straight to saloon at Jln imbi :)
my hairstylish intro cynthear to do a hair scrab treatment. offered her 50% discount :) so she did it.
actually i juz wanna cut my hair shorter only. but cindy , my hairstylish asked me wanna dye hair anot. in the end i chosen dark purple :) it will only be obvious under sunlight or yellowlight. which is good coz TCPJ is a bitch. doesnt allow us to dye our hair. nah!
she doesnt like this pic coz her hair is messy :P but ok wert. look wild :D lol.!!
after dyed , cut and then cindy made a hairstyle for me in the end.
almost done..
malu :P
done! final product! lol :P

cutting her frindge. she banyak masalah wan lar. so bising :P talk more la! later cut more then u know :P
then after tat we went westin hotel to makan italian food. one of my fav italian restaurant :) PREGO.
side view of my hair
we went pavilion to hang out after tat. knocked onto david and his family. we lepak and shop around there ( or should say window shopping) till evening. then we joined my family for dinner at Chulan Square , Rakuzen the jap restaurant. i guess i dun need to describe the taste of the food rite? :P
cynthear prefer the pic above but i prefer this one more then the one on top.