Monday, March 30, 2009

i wanna go.. but i could't ):

anyway.. juz to let u all know.

Talent Showdown 3rd HEAT @ Boiler Room Hartamas

Time to Shine!
Alias Events
Start Time:
Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 9:30pm
End Time:
Thursday, April 2, 2009 at 3:00am
Desa Sri Hartmas
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Boiler Room Hartamas is having a talent night battle off,
come join and show us your talent for example: Singing, Dancing, Magician, Juggler and many more.
you can participate solo or with your group of friends!

Ladies dress in school uniform walks in absolutely free and stand a chance to win a bottle of wine for best dress of the night!

25th March - 2nd Heat *End*
1st April - 3rd Heat
8th April - Grand Finals

For every Heat there will be 2 groups/Individual to qualify for the Grand Finals, and the best solo/group during the heats would get to choose between prize cash RM100 or 3 Jugs of Beer.

Grand Finals 1st place walks away with cash prize RM1000
Second Place 500 and last place 200.

for talent contestants, there will be no cover charge

for friends/collage students, cover charge will be:

RM15 inclusive of 1 drink with reservation and
RM20 inclusive of 1 drink with without reservation/walk in
so rsvp with us now by calling the number below.

Bottle Prices:

RM258 - Chivas/BlackLabel
RM250 - Absolute Vodka
RM 8 - Mystery Shots
RM48 - Free Flow of Beer from 6pm-9pm
RM70 - Beer Towers

*Prices are nett and it's all night long.

This prices are only valid with a student ID so remember to bring your student ID to enjoy discounts up to 30%!!

for more info,Reservation OR to participate the TALENT NIGHT,
please contact

Edwin - 013-6294955

p/s: the Edwin is not me. its my fren. so yea :) if interested. can go and have a look. i actually copy this from the facebook invitation. can contact me too if u have problems :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

friday@barclub and thursday@supper club

well.both night was good.but the one in supper club has more entertainment to watch.coz help college has this latin dance competition on tat night in supper club @hartamas. and aileen was one of the competitor. of coz have to go give face rite ? :P too bad la many ppl ffk :P didnt get to see the dance-dance.

about yesterday night which is @barclub. went a bottle of single malt whisky.had some drinks. sit down a lil. somemore saw my another gang of fren there.swtz=.= so in the end they ask me to go join them for while. and lepak lepak until 6 something only i reach home. thx to michelle for getting us the sofa vip seats ;) last night's music was gooooood~ :)

today's the last day of training. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. and i even mistaken tat my flight. it was actually wednesday night. i made it wrong and though tat its tuesday. haha..blur me. gonna go for dinner wif family@king crab.celebrating my birthday lagi. hehehe.. my birthday like never ends wan hor :P

clubbing 4 night in a row. new record! more to come ?

sorry tat im not being allowed to upload more of aileen's dancing pic :P

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

birthday post

here comes my 20. 19 is consider a bad year for guys. according to my aunty. which is quite true. had quite a lot of bad things happened during my 19th years of life. but it doesnt matter. because here comes my 20th years of life. no more teen for me which is sad. the pressie i received from mrs pek and the gals. is actually from someone else from a far far place :D guess who ? its from this little fella tat trying to cover herself from the webcam :P shy shy la u ! she wished my at 12am aussie time. so sharp man! and the 2nd wishes was at 11.59pm 23/3/09. almost :P 1 minute earlier. but it doesnt matter :) its the effort u made. thx u so much my dear honey. thx for the lovely card and the awesome shirt all the way from aussieland. love it love it :)awesome rite my honey <3

birthday dinner @ subang sharaton! the japanese restaurant in it. miyako. 2nd time been there. 1st time i had their buffet was like years ago. this time i decide to order ala cart! u will have no idea how much i ate on tat day.its damn a lot okay. i ordered the chef recommand set dinner. its actually a meal for 2. but i 1 ppl sapu all. even sapu my mom's rice which she didnt eat. wat to do :P dun waste mah. the set dinner contain salmon sashimi., salad , rice , tepanyaki beef wif vege , tapanyaki salmon , lobster , huge ass prawn , oyster , scallop. miso soup and i added chawan mushi as well :P oh yea. and 2 scoops of japanese green tea icecream. cant imagine how much food i ate rite? u would't believe i tell u until u see me eating all of them up nicely :P it was so oh delicious. after tat. i went to join my mom and her frens @ breakers at hartamas. it was judy's birthday celebration actually. her birthday was on 25th. so close to mine.. opened more then 6 bottles of liquior.and tons of beers. damn chun la my mom's fren. awesome ppl they are. met some new frens there too. the younger one of coz :D didnt expect tat i'll spend my birthday night at a club wif my mom. clubbing wif mom. have u tried tat? hahahaha! awesome!

pictures of the club :)

didnt decide to make a party this year.due to many many reason. but i promise u guys i'll make a huge one next year okay? my 21th. i promise! edwin's 21th birthday leh. dun play play aite. i cant wait to go aussie to find my honey. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..6 more days ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. i wanna scream!

okay. i'll give credits to those who wished me happy birthday kay. urm. who are they? they aremy sister all the way from us called me. khy li , yim , wong , ryan , vanod , hardey , indra ,yi mei , sabrina , chun yong , debbie ,sherwen,rachel , zhi cong ,sue , digi =.= , carmen,suat ping ,hels , pek mun , min yen , michelle , sarah , jiun's cousin , and whoever wished my on my blog and facebook. thx you so much ppls. :) im sure this would be a good year wif all ur wishes-wishes. :)

oh btw , barclub this friday. they're having function. anyone interested to go ? :) its a club. which means.. CLUBBING!! :D