Friday, May 30, 2008

last tuesday. hmm.. CRAB bisque!

these crabs are really aggressive. these is one huge one. damn active wan. chef named it "tomorrow never die" james bond. lol
KILL! soup was great
then we had this table setting assessment. which i did pretty bad. either i juz pass. or slightly higher. or failed. ;((
then f&b class. we pissed our lecturer off. he ciao-ed all of a sudden coz we didnt manage to answer his question. and not paying attention .

today, pastry class was canceled , last minute only know. wtf . if i know earlier. i would have juz sleep and no need to waste petrol and time and risk to go college. haiyo. so we ended up going to asia cafe for drink, and pool.
me VS lester. i won! yeah!
then is yeoh , vs raymond. which takes quite long time to finished.
and then mr chicken vs mr jb

im still pretty angry actually. but for some reason im chilled. im at kye's house now aka mr chicken. these two ppl are making out on the bed. too bad i forgot to bring my camera , ( low battery) .
its friday night.going to party my heart out tonight. and then 2mr , early morning gonna send my lancer to service. then go pyramid meet up wif my kiwanis cool gang. haha.. nissha having her farewell there. she's going to new zealand accoring to abby. then at night probably joining aileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen at bukit jalil for donno wat is tat. but kinda forced to go. but oh well. better then doing nothing lar. i need company!
these 2 ppl are diturbing me. gosh.... help me.....
dowan to gay wif them xP

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


quickly go through last sunday and mondey.

coffee at the curve wif the understanding them :)
my last smile
monday's english class. boringg..
then we had IT after tat. got some nerd pictures

After class. went to sushi king wif the understanding them and one of my classmate at pyramid.
then went home for rest, coz im so tired these days. and the worst thing have came. i cant do shit but to accept it. its been almost 11 months since we've together.. although is not long but its not short also.i've tried as hard to keep this relationship alive. recently juz got my idea for how to celebrate our anniversary. but everything has came to the end. im really happy for this past 11 months. and i learnt a lot of things. and changed quite a lot. still..might not be perfect but thx :) all the best larh in spm and in ur future.

sad sad sad.. i juz cant describe my feelings. perhaps only sissha can understand me.
got 2nd assessment in kitchen terminology today. when i was searching a pen for the exam. i found this.. so i used it for the very first time.. haven been using it for some reasons.
everything has came to the end. thx for all the nice comfortable words from u all.. apprieciated it. thx.
its 2am now and i have to get up at 6 2mr for morning class and yet i feel tired. went out to sissha wif jc juz now. we brought out many things from our heart.had a close talk.we had some quite similar problems. had a good talk wif him. one of my buddies.:) oh yea.. and this jc ar .. coz i brought home some live crab, so i showed him my new knifes. and while keeping it back. i accidentely cutted myself. according to him , i cutted my blood nerve or donno wat la. it bleed a lot and last for quite long. and of coz. its painful, u have no idea how sharp is a brand now zwilling chef knife is.. when the blood stopped bleeding out. i opened up my cupboard and found some fancy plasters. i took one of them and applyed it on the bleeding spot. yes.. the cut is pain , but when i saw the plaster , my heart is 10 times more pain-er. bcoz its from u , my loved one.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Strong feeling.

Yesterday was a day tat full of vitality. went everywhere. in the morning classmate called me to go to my formal high school's charity thingie.oh well. not too bad. can say its successful and great. didnt expect tat so much ppl will came up to it. but i saw the headmaster i went moody edi. somemore my heart felt so weird when i saw her. its feeling is like , i dont know how to describe. but its juz very bad. i hate the distance between us. it only make us split apart and giving me Burden so sorry dear for being cool to u..

juz go school a while to look around. then sue wanted to join me and my mom for haircut , she actually went for wash and blow only lar. so we brought her along. went all the way down to town for haircut. have been going there since many many years ago. went for trimming.

before waxing. (doesnt look much different thou)

after , i dun like the front look. side view is much better.

agree? :)

after tat i walked to pavilion wif sue coz mom doing treatment for her hair tat will take quite sometime. sue complained tat we didnt take much photos together. oh well. here u are. :)

I lost my pering knife on friday's pastry class. was so pissed. although the paring knife is not tat expensive but how could it goes missing all of a sudden?knife is very important for a chef.and i love my knifes pretty much. from now onwards no one will touch my knife set. NON!

Went to pavilion my favourite knife brand to look for paring knife. saw this package. a chef knife , paring knife and a sharpener in a box wif 50% discount which is really really worthful. brought wants a distinction to exchange it. or else she is gonna call me to pay her back. swt = =

zwilling J.A henckels. the brand i adored so much

after tat we dropped sue at sungai wang coz her mom is there.usual dinner at izzi was cancel due to some reasons. so mommy called me to join her for dinner wif her frens lor.went back to taman tun to pick up a uncle and go for dinner at sg way wif some oldies. pretty tasty and cheap chinese food. traffic for the day is bad.

after tat went home to shower and stuff. then jiunjiun ajak me to join her gang for yamcha at ss2.went to ss2 , prince cafe for a chit chat wif some fren and new frens. oh well..they juz made my day. was emo for the day and their so called "lame joke" was really entertaining. now i recall back also funny. i forgot to bring my camera. dang!! wif them i seriously laugh so much.

after a couple of hours of chit chat. its getting late. so we ciao-ed. a wonderful chatting ends here. then i went to my campus there to meet up wif fren. then went hartamas to chill myself till 3am. i have mix feelings in my heart/mind.

when ever i have problem/stress/tired i'll go sissha. it does chill me and make me a lil high high.but peoples. i swear to god i never touched cigarette before. i juz sissha. i SWEAR!!

i had a weird strong feeling on something. which really came at the wrong time.

next week i have lots of presentation and assessment. then exam coming in 2 weeks. i so tired. not physically but mentally.

thx You for listening to me this early morning.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Narnia at GSC wif pp&jj

yesterday had an awesome day. hang out at 1u after college , then went to exercise , dinner then sissha at rhasta until pretty late. and i received THIS.

maybank credit card :D :D
after class. went to school to see dear dear and let her try my product. then follow up went home shower and go 1u to meet up wif jj&pp and their frens to watch narnia. i fell asleep in the starting. for like 20 mins ? lol. the movie was 2 hrs and 30 min. damn long. story line got a bit like lord of the ring wan.
this is my product of the day. its also my assessment. how was it ?i made 6 today. 1 goes to dear. 1 goes to alana. 1 goes to myself. 1 to pp and 1 to jj. last one of coz for my mommy larh.
after movie pp&jj's fren lefted. quite early thou they left. so we went br31 to hang out and they tried my product. many funny things happened. :D i find tat i prefer hanging out wif college mates now. i dont know why.
pp, a little bit slow motion :P
jj , took her a million years to finish the peach almond crush tart. :D
after tat , went to have dinner, saw claire at 1u while going to the basement to look for some knifes. who knows today its her birthday! ingrid , joeyee was there to celebrate wif her too.happy bitthday to u once again :)

then after dinner. went to klia to pick mom up. she brought me THIS shirt! cost her 20 euro man. means RM100+ so expensive o.. juz a t shirt.
brought mom to makan , then she wanted to go pub instand of going home first. so for such a good son like me of coz will sent mommy go wan rite ? but i do nag her a bit lar. like "haven even put luggage back to home then go out again!" where she used to say tat to me , now its back to her. lol.
my mom and i are juz so alike.
had a wonderful day.
nitez. <3

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A fast rewind =D

gonna make a quick rewind as im so tired.we shall wind back to 2-weeks ago?

2 week ago's wednesday. had our 2nd kitchen practical assesment. this is wat i've cook to pass it :D
me and my partner made this. :P
the next 2 days , friday. as usual we had our pastery class. camwhore.
we made.. urm.. wat's tis call ?

oh yea. sponge cake ! haha..

look at it. before and after

and chocolate chip cookie. it was juz so simply delicious, rite sabrina , nat , mw ? :P

when to kl sentral to pick mw and nat. then picked sabrina as well. we went to party at curve.

watched wat happen in las vegas. 4 of us went to couple sits lol.

its juz so more comfortable.

as usual camwhoring.

and mw! he came back from ns for a 6 days break. my buddy.

sab , nat

then we decide to have mother's day celebration together gether at the curve , the apartment. so tat day i went to market wif mom in the early moring. brought stuff for at night's steamboat for family larh. but noon time i brought mom to apartment as well as mw and his bro and mom went there as well. i had this. lamb rack. yum :D

mom and i <3 href=""> < / a > special thx for lihui for making this for me and giving me such good idea but there are still more to go :D
the next wednesday. learnt THIS!
the next day , F&B class. learn setting table and holding 4 plate at one. 3 on left hand and 1 on right hand. its quite hard. isn't the table juz lovely ? :P juz a centrepiece is missing XD
camwhore. not only in chef uniform but F&B uniform as well :D

me and my group, group 4 Weee.. at the bar as well
this is ayuni. from kajang as well. smsing in class. prove! hah! :P always say me jahat lar !

after class went to sue's house wif jc. baked muffins for her and her family. and unfortunatly. cutted my finger. damn bleeding. but now its okay.
the next day..back to pastry class. scone, raisin scone.
buttercake. tat night i sent mom of to KLIA, she's going europe without me. wtf lol.coming back on this friday. so im king of the house now. :D

then there is this day. went to watch football wif wilson and raja. malaysia vs last year asian cup champion iraq.

guess wat? malaysia fking won 1-0 lol. unbelievable man. i was like wtf wtf lol.
then last sunday i think. or was it monday. went out wif wern and her boy. went to makan sushi grove for dinner. then came to this yogurt berry. wern belanja us. and she get to shoot for a prize for the next visit. after tat we went to her house to lepak until almost 2am only ciao. her place is so cool. got wonderful basketball court. lovely park , lake , swimming pool. its juz a great place for u and ur loved one to hang around.
look. its finishing.
and u know wat voters. im not tat smart to get 39 out of 40 lar. but i got 28/40. some ppl study like hell and get like only 20. 24? hehehe:P and today got my english mid term paper too. 65. didnt failed. keep it up !! :D

oh yea. before sending mom to airport. i brought this! :D
today damn tired lar. i thought class at 8am. so woke up at 6 and when im half way showering i was thinking. butchery class got so early start wan meh ? i was swearing in the bathroom. came out and check. wtf. it was 10:30 only start. wasted my 2hours+ of sleeping hour when im so needed it. somemore 10:30 until 1:30. class. 2 to 5pm class. 5to 9pm also . walaueh. u guys can call me ironman larh. XD
gtg sleep ppl. 2mr class is REALLY 8am. nitez~~