Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I need a JOB!!

Went to school to ask for my testimonial , leaving cert and updated forecast. testimonial is funny. something which i did not do came out all of a sudden. its all positive anyway. so its good. lefted the folder in the car so i'll post it up 2mr. control urself dun laugh so much okay :P

After tat went to 1u to inquire about some jobs. TGIF , Chilies , and grove sushi. TGIF rejected straight away coz they dont hire ppl who work only for 1 month. coz i got only 1 month free till college start. tatsuai i wanna find a job. wif better environment.

After tat went to sunway college to meet up wif wilson , dakut gandy etc etc.. then when on the way back. heavy jam and heavy rain. tsk tsk..

Dinner at TGIF. New York Strip was good. 12oz fit in well in my stomach. added a br31 greentea ice cream makes my meal perfect :P

When i came back checked my comp . my dear gave me a hug from msn :P L00K!

awww :P love u babe

2mr is the last day of mssd. gonna go kj stadium and hang around.

byeee.. :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MSSD track field.

Was a memorable event. joined it last year. it was my first and my last mssd track field last year.i've went only once in it coz im sux in running. used to go for mssd basketball every year and msss and so on.

this year me and des decided to go back and see how does our little brothers and sisters doing. well.. they did a great job. much improved. but some rally team is not as good as last year's. but u guys had improved ;)

actually today going to stadium, another big reason why im going is coz my dear is there. so if i had this small chance of seeing her or meeting her. how would i miss it ? rite lovers? ;)

in the car , checking my wallet oO...and skittle the sweets :D


one more. smile :D

promised to call her when im back home. but she fell asleep edi. hopefully i'll get to see her 2mr. i miss u . nitez. :D

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Des's farewell.

stupid bus
look how stupid it is

jc , ganz
driving. click in, u can see its 80km/h
-.-" "we"

We again ;)

vickyso hard to get this photo :Ptrain hard..;)Samad. wat r u doin ? :Pmakanchui , a.teo , rosrahul and achanmichyyingying and iroroterry and iboyboy..abang adik?desmeganz and ichloeshe complainted tat her photo isn't in my here it is. may i present.the picture of me and michelle :P

Des's party was fun. hung out until 2 sumthing only we all ciao. went KTZ in ss2 to makan after the party. recently i have been going out too much since i touched the car. car is addictive. :D i've been going everywhere.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Listing something tat happeneds in the last few days..

This is wat had happened the days ago. jc and wern came over and me and mom cooked them for dinner.was celebrating jc's birthday actually. me and wern planned so long and took us so many effort to give jc a surprise. mission successful in the end. :D yeah! then we went starbuck and chill out there.
recently im driving illegally. everyday im driving but i have no license at all. the longest distance i went so far is SCHOOL -___-" . mostly drove to 1U for working out in celebrity. drove josh a couple of times too.
and having GANDY in my CAR is super DANGEROUS. suspension will break down one day. tats for sure. it was red light so i put my gear to Neutral and pulled my handbreak up. when i released my break. my car suddenly lent to the left which is where gandy sits at lol. it was scary. IMAGINE!
going to school wif wilson,desmond,jc,gandy 2mr. not sure who else are coming but i hope to see more ppl there. misses my form5 mates.
happy birthday to chloe and azroy btw...

missing U...