Thursday, December 25, 2008

HK day 3 and 4

merry xmas too all my dear and dearest frens !! :D
xmas in hk is so nice. cooling. everything is juz awesome. too bad im alone here wif dad. or else it would be even more nicer.

alright.let me tell ya all a bit of wat happened on day 3 and wats gonna happen today day 4.
well. yesterday.. after i woke up. i made my own breakfast to eat. then shower and wash up. and yea. i went down to the bus stand to take a bus to find dad at he's office. my very first time okay. but nothing to afraid bout.. waited for a while. and yea 681 bus came! the bus will be going to central de. also called as "zhong wan". anyway. hooped on the bus and reached petted street. i got down and made my way to dad's office. woah. dad damn yao yeng man. i juz step into the office and the reception gal asked me who am i looking for? i said im looking for tong sir lor. ( coz everyone in hk called my dad tong sir) then tat gal's face straight away changed. and ask my sir name. i said, tong! woah. she macam damn scare liddat lol. then called my dad and brought me to find him. haha.. after tat my dad brings me around and intro me to the others. fuiyo. all damn chat hai ( cuci kasut) u know larh.. hongkies.. woah. ur son look like you weih!! ur son damn tall weihh... ur son very handsome wor.. like ur brother weih.. wtf =.=" dad's like the boss for tat office la.its called global's the regional head of sales - greater china,vice president. according to dad. the president is in US. its like a international thingie la. donno la.. so confusing. oh yea. on the way to find dad. i saw damn a lot of shops. got LV la.. coach.. gucci..GA..AX..rolex.. and more and more. so after my dad leaves the office. we went to AX to look around lo. brought a thin quality long sleve shirt. black colour one. not bad la.. all winter clothes and i manage to get one which can be wear in msia. hehe.. at night we went to "tong lo wan" to walk around and go home edi. dad and i played wii at home for like 2 hours plus non stop. damn tiring weih. dad damn semangat de. 1st time seing him liddat. lol. this morning after i woke up. dad fried my rice and we played again. lol. non stop man.. but quite fun la. have to bring back msia to modify the machine. so tat i can play fake games. or else expensive man. one game cost about 2-3 hundred bucks ? gonna go find grandpa later for dinner at "chiong kuan ou" gonna take MRT there :)

4 more days..4....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HK day 1 and 2.

im in hk now. reached here since yesterday afternoon. slept all the way from kl to hk. except of meal time only. tat ugly women woke me up and asked me wat do i want to eat. lol. when i landed at hk. i made my way out and meet up wif my dad. we took a bus back to home. settled down everything and dad went back to he's office. so basically im home alone at tat time. got quite bored. so i went down to the shopping mall called sunshine city to waste some time before our late dinner at 9. until around 9 o clock when dad , uncle and me was at home edi. we went to makan steamboat AGAIN =.=. i've had like 3 or 4 steamboat in a week man. but this one is definely the best one among all. apa pun ada. lobster.. fish.. prawn..orchids meat. beef..roast goose and more and more.its not buffet one la. we ordered ourself. ate until damn full man. ohyea~ and we had beer. 3 cans for $10 lol. means 3 can of beer cost only RM4++? wtf lol ? damn cheap rite? tats basically the day one. this morning went to did my HK IC. i haven update/change it to the under 18 one and im turning 20 liao. dad went back to work and i traveled home myself from "sha tin" weather is good today. had sunlight so its not tat cold. wore 1 long sleve shirt and 2 jackets. like fat boy only. =.= hahaha.. i miss driving my car around and my life in kl man... wish tat i can go back asap.. and i miss u the most.. update me more bout urself kay :) hope ure doing great there too.

oh btw, dad got me a Wii =.=.conversation goes like tat.

dad: eh sailou.. do u like Wii?
edwin: Wii? the intendo Wii? the video game kinda thing?
dad: yea.. tats the one!
edwin:urm.. okay la.. but i prefer ps3.
dad: oh. i got u a Wii already. its at home.
edwin: =.="

the Wii's instruction manual is all japanese man wtf..!! but it looks quite cool. i got 2 controllers :D this could be one of my new year eve entertainment. portable wert ;)

aite. tats for all now.kinda lazy to travel around. feel like sitting at home and watch tv nia..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

happy birthday wernie!!~~

it was wernie's birthday last thursday. and she invited me over to her place wif all the ex form 4s in her party. :) damn long didnt see this bunch of ppls edi man. kinda miss them but i dont feel like how it used to feel when i talk to them. maybe we're all grown up a lil? =/ anyway. we all had fun there. look how happy we are :Dcuddles cuddles!
wern and i
nerd face and a L-O-L face :Dcake cake. pretty yummy one.we went to park for a walk and feed the mosquito at the same time. oh yea btw , dress code was pink. gosh :P we all look so gayLastly a pic before i leave. haven been talking much wif her this year. guess we're too far apart yet not too far maybe.. hmm.. next year when u started college we'll hang out more often kay? ;)
dear is at jb now for auditing edi. miss her so badly larh. 3 more days okay? once i finished my exam i'll fly down wif my car to go find u.
some pic before the day she left

we were at curve

deco there was quite nice

got some kind fella to take pic for us

we had newzealand natural icecream.i got a scoop wif RM 6.90 and she got 3 scoops wif RM7.30. =.= coz she worked there last time and the guy gave her discount. too bad larh when he key in my order tat time he didnt noticed jiun was there. aiks..

i'll see u soon <3

Saturday, December 13, 2008


hopefully the strawberry will last 2 weeks. it contain high level of love :D like 101%!
more strawberries to come 2mr :D

Thursday, December 11, 2008


我还在寻找 一个依靠和一个拥抱
谁替我祈祷 替我烦恼 为我生气为我闹
幸福开始有预兆 缘分让我们慢慢紧靠
我俩变得有话聊 有变化了
小酒窝常见到 是你最美的记号
我每天睡不着 想念你的微笑
你不知道 你对我多么重要
小酒窝常见到 迷人的无可救药
我放慢了步调 感觉像是盒资料
一辈子暖暖的好 我永远爱你到老
幸福开始有预兆 缘分让我们慢慢紧靠
我俩变得有话聊 有变化了
小酒窝常见到 是你最美的记号
我每天睡不着 想念你的微笑
你不知道 你对我多么重要
小酒窝常见到 迷人的无可救药
我放慢了步调 感觉像是盒资料
一辈子暖暖的好 我永远爱你到老
WO~小酒窝常见到 迷人的无可救药
我放慢了步调 感觉像是盒资料
一辈子暖暖的好 我永远爱你到老

juz got a bad news from dear.. and it killed my mood of going to wern's party :( why do u have to go so far for audit? :(

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Im sorry but u all have became the victims :D

How do you know 1?
-wow.. saw her on 10 KYC last year but didnt get to know her. until someday in april ( i think so) somehow i chatted wif her on msn and knew her.

What would you do if you never met 2?
-then i'll lose a super tall female fren and her super china-gal-like voice. haha:D

What would you do if 3 &4 dated you?
-i'll take 4 because i knew her more well then 3 and longer. it'll be pretty much of stoning if i take 3's date :P

Would 5 &6 make a good couple?
-hell no. both of them are my gay partner. one in KYC and another in college.

Do you think 7 is attractive?
-urm.. yeah. 7 got the baby face which a lot of guy would love.

Do you know anything about 8’s family?
-urm.. if im not mistaken. she got only a bro which is Jeron. and herself.

Tell me something about 9.
-he's from JB. he cant speak cantonise and english tat well yet but he is learning atm.

What language does 2 speak?
-english and chinese.

Who is 3 going out with?
-Han Quan laaa of coz :D ( i knew something something :P)

How old is 4?
-17. juz finished her spm moment ago.

Who is 6 favourite singer?
- urm.. he probably dun fancy any singer but he will go for song which he thinks its nice.

Would you date 7?
- urm.. maybeeeee? :P

10 single?
-Yea. she is. i think.. didnt ask much bout her relationship :P im not tat kehpoh.. =P

What is 9’s last name?

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
-Urm.. we are having a relationship now. :P

Which school does 2 go to?
-smk sungai long ?

What do you like about 3?
-Urm.. she's a nice fren.nice to talk to.. good looking and quite hawt.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1st month anniversery!

this is a super late post. after 30 days only i blog about it :P i've been quite busy these days so i seldom post. sry guys :D of coz. the most important person for this day. baby <3
^^! we went to the cave in ss2. well. i have to say tat the deco there is really good. very special. and food isnt tat bad and not tat over price. can go back again de.. :D buttt... for ur information. today's our 2nd month anniversery and not like we're gonna go back to the same place again rite. we'll off to sharaton imperial today :)
urm.. could't really remember wats this edi. but i know its some sort of chicken la. not bad not bad..
and dear's favourite. creamy creamy stuff. cabonara :D

Sunday, November 30, 2008


yesterday was celine's birthday. so she wanted us to go clubing wif her at barcelona. so i picked up jiun after her exam finished from her house and went dinner along wif peng thien and ryan.
okay.. the main point is. yes. i was drunk.. very serious. it was my very first time tat got drunk. feeling was quite good actually :P but my head was like bursting lar. damn headache , damn painful. drank a lot last night. and after i heard of all those feedback from my frens today. only i knew tat my baby took care of me the whole night. i brought her there and made her to take care of me the whole night. i feel so bad weih.. i puked everywhere. and puked on her leg as well. haiyo.. wat la me.. somemore before tat i merajuk a bit. ate too much of vinegar probably. sorry larh. will treat u back k baby :) appeciate tat u took care of me the whole night. thxxxxxx..

last night was a wild night. awesome :P

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a mixture of pictures

last service. i was the manager and we're serving asian buffet. food and everything was awesome. satisfied :D decoration was good too. im here saying thx u to all my management team which is 4 dai kam kong and nadia and my other group members

table setting was okay..

changed my car's tyre to 1 size bigger and also changed the sport rim.
now my car is much more slower then last time but its much more steady.

some other decoration pic

we gave out comment card for customer to rate us and give comment and who knows..

:D lol. have to spend zi lei yam cha edi XD

us wif mr daniel. tat day was daniel's belated birthday :D but he damn kok ci la. keep running away from our birthday bash. :P
cocktail reception

went to watch a1 live on sunday. it was fucking awesome :D
crowdy too :P

ferarri used as a safety car. lol. why not myvi XD

played badminton after tat. wif sze thien and ryan
then went restaurant telephone for steamboat bbq. like shit only..

and today. haircut :) after sooooooo long only i get to cut my hair.
not a good day..
till then..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


its been a while since i update bout myself recently. well.. i've been enjoying this term actually. compare to term 2. its so much easier and easy. term 2's lecture class are like never ending. from early morning till late in the afternoon. but this term is way easier. which actually make me feel even more lazy sometimes :P or should i say. most of the time ? :D haha..

have been catching plenty of movies lately. where i dun used to catch a single one of them. wat to do. have to see watch wif who and my mood de mah. juz catched one today wif dear and peng. anotrher japanese movie. but this one seems to be more interesting compare to the previous 2. the actress is more prettier as well :P keke..

rejected jen jin x3 of joining him for basketball at klang. sry dude. this time really cant make it coz i have x3 assessments in this week. u know larh. college students are famous wif last minute thingie.. sorry sorry :D i'll ajak back u some other time okay. sorry sorry :D

ahhh! i wanna get a LV belt! my uncle juz got one. according to him its the latest one. look damn coolcool rite? its the latest one. damn yeng. bloody hell it cost RM2000! my AX one only cost less then 300 and this is like 7 times much more expensive then it! tsk! too much! i'll have it in my dream larh.. or maybe one day when i strike 4D? (i dun even buy them =.=)

today's assessment was canceled. the assessment suppose to start at 11 to 1, but them hor.. the stupid idiot cockrouch lecturer didnt turn up. so we waited till 12:15 until beh tahan. then selfdeclear assessment cancel! lol. wat a good student we are XD

anyway. spm is coming real soon. time really flies. last year's this moment im still forcing myself to study. which i still didnt study much. and yea , so fast. 1 year edi. now its u guy's turn to sit for the stupid exam. keke.. good luck and all the best to u guys larh.. qian qian , sheena , aileeeeeeen , rachel , wernie , tata , darren , shou, ian , and more and more :D all the best!

aite , its getting late here. time to sleep. 3am =.= and assessment is less then 9 hours. gonna do a little bit more of studying 2mr. till then. ciao~

Monday, November 3, 2008

a sleep-less weekend

i've been staying up late this weekend. went to yam cha , basketball at midnight.. etc etc.. kao kao man seriously. last thursday , fnish bkb and yam cha at 4 sumthing. saturday came back at 5am+ and yesterday 6am. really kao kao. beh jiap xiu! but quite fun thou :P i dun feel much tired actually when im staying up late. but not when im staying up late for study la of course :P hahaha.. gonna have 3 assessments next week. my god my god! have to study hard edi. to prove tat i love someone. *hint hint* :P well , at least to pass the paper larh..

went to pasar malam today. the taman megah one but not the taman tun one. coz i wanna buy cds :D and when im walking around aimless-ly. i saw this dog. this dog looks familier.. hmmmmm... AHHA! its the dog tat my dear love :D toypuddle or sumthing. quite cute larh :P went to curve wif dear yesterday. took a couple of pics by my phone. ;)

felt a bit of dissapointed of not seeing u today..

anyway. college at 8 2mr..nitezzz

Sunday, October 26, 2008


the report below is an outing out of a million outing wif jiun :) it was a friday. went for class early morning. it was account! not bad la. quite like the class. lecturer is quite good and friendly but the account is quite hard la.. i wonder how am i gonna pass my exams and assessments :(

anyway. after tat , headed to TBS to pick jiun up and went mv wif her. it was 23/10/08 and yeah , HSM3 is on showing edi. so we went to watch it lor. wanted to try the twin seat in mv de.. but then hor.. the queue is like @#!#@#@! long.. so we decided to head back to garden's GSC signature for our movie. it was way better i must admit :P sofa is much softer and bigger. more comfortable as well. :D

before tat we have quite some time and we haven eaten lunch yet. so we went to this taiwanese shop for our lunch. food there is goooooooood. although its over our budget but aiya. nvm :D

my dry seafood noodle and our passion fruit ice :D

yummy rite?

passion fruit ice blended

jiun's chicken noodle. quite oily but the chicken is good.( boneless wert ) XD
cute fish piece found in my noodle :D

after our very yummy lunch. we lepak a while while waiting for our movie. after movie we window shop for a while. jiun keep taking the shirts or sweater tat she likes for me to try. i must admit tat her taste and my taste is a total 360 degree changed! gosh! those tat i like she dont like. those tat she like for me is okay okay only. haiyooooo..
this is the sweater and shirt tat she likes it on me. we're in topman though..

and yea , tat day we got scolded by guard and worker twice XD why? *不能说的秘密* haha :D

after tat we headed back to subang to join jj and the gang for bak GOOD teh dinner. woah. a filling one. after tat jj and the gang went to clubbing, * sry dear tat u cant go. who call im 19 only* although ure not 21 and look like 6 years old only :P

we went to TTDI plaza for a drink :D

pelican apple & vodka

pelican blueberry & vodka.

both taste okay though.

sent huixian and her fren to 1u when we're ciaoing. awesome day. <3