Saturday, November 28, 2009

happy birthday celine :)

It was celine's birthday and also another gal's birthday la. But I don't know her one. It's celine's classmate. So they decided to celebrate together at curve. Before tat. I went to pyramid to sing k wif Vincent celes patrol Ryan and Melissa. This Vincent can sing damn well lo. Didn't know until I heard him sing. Singing session was wonderful. Then we had late lunch at ajisen ramen. Saw Gan and Celine paktoh there in pyramid too. So ngam bumped into them.

After tat. We all go get ready for dinner at curve and then, we're off to curve together. And company was huge. 29 of us. Imagine tat weih. Most if them are dh's ppl. Only a few of us are from dc. Had dinner in Tony romas. Food there is not too bad la I recommand. I seldom go franchise restaurant to eat proper western food one but I have to say it's not tat bad. After tat we wanted to gi to the library. But it was so full and we have to go to laundry.

So we open a couple of bottle of black label. And after tat not enough we ordered beers too :) seeing all the love birds there reminds me of my problem a Lot. I still can't make up my mind. It's very difficult for me to decide. Perhaps I still needs some time. I wonder wats edwinn thinking in her mind. And wats me to edwinn. Only edwinn will know. Seeing all the alcohol yesterday reminds me of last time when we go for drinking before u leave. And I really miss those moment we went thought tat few days.

And when we're leaving. I only realised tat I lost my parking coin. So I called my best friend come to save me. After tat went damai wif him. Till very late. I even dreamt of edwinn kissing me last nite. It was so sweet.

This is the first time I blog wif my phone. In rasta. Lol. Didn't know tat it actually works. Cheers for iPhone. :)

Oh yea. Thx to Khy, Gary and whoever helped me. My problem between me and my classmates are finally settled. Sorry sincerly I say if I did anything wrong to u all. And so sorry for the sheltox accident. I thought the spray is on top. Sorry to wong and zhilei. I Bo xim wan :)
so tonight. Basketball wif my frens or should I go loaf clubbing wif my other friends. Gotta make up my mind asap man. It's already 7pm now.

And guys. Try listening to this song called feel it. Created by dj tiesto, Sean Kingston , Florida and more. I like the beat of this song. :)

till then, edwinn

Thursday, November 26, 2009

recent picture update from my iphone :)

i've been trying to keep myself to be as busy as i can so tat problems wont distract me :)

this is the chocolate art tat i made last tuesday :) got 23 out of 25 for it. k la. high enough for me :)

random pic of my car in the jockey in my college :)

last friday's practical class. i was late and moodless to cook la. so simply cook only. this is the starter.

and the main course :)

my zippo and friend's zippo

went rasta's coffee hut wif zhilei and gan 2 days ago. they both brought their laptop lol. coz their house's wifi got problem.

damn serious right their face :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

so this is wat friends are all about..

well.. something happened yesterday and the past few days. and only i realized tat wat is all friends are all about. anyway. cut the story short. 多你一个唔多。。少你一个唔少。。althought its not juz one of u but a few of u.i still have lots of friends other then u all. all the stories made me really disappointing. tats wat i can say. some ppl can juz treat their friend like shit. yeah.. u can.. but i cant. so no point being friends with these kind of jerk. u know who u are.

Monday, November 16, 2009

days ago..

skipped friday's practical class juz to visit my uncle before his operation. poor him fell down coz of the slippery floor while pulling his dog. head bone cracked and got blood inside. but he's fine now :)

tats him in the ward :)

tatah! my car :P hehehe

last friday after class. when im going home. was fcuking jam. coz of 5 cars bang together at LDP. biasa la.. =/ stucked in the jam for like 1 hours +

spirit viewer kl members :D

went yamcha wif gan , celes and wendy days ago. they were doing their work la while me and gan wert stoning and talking. haha :D distracting them :P

tats wendy and gan

snapping pic of gan XD

wendy sissha-ing ? :O
gan poser :P

Thursday, November 12, 2009

bed time stories

Decided to go for taylor's DH group 4 , 5 , 6's food promotion. so yea. i actually brought the last 2 tickets for the event. i guess its all planned nicely by god. so ngam i get the last 2 tickets after persuaded by zhilei and yenwei and yea..i'll post a few pics of the event. but before tat..

last Thursday. when i was leaving college. not really blasting the stereo system of my car but juz.. above average larh. suddenly..
i smell and i can see smoke. at first i thought its the haza outside. then i wind down the window. i found out tat the weather was good and not haze. so why the hell is see smoke one? then only i realised the smoke is actually IN THE CAR! gosh..

i was quite panic tat time. so of coz. i look at my clothes or sofa. whether is it burning or anot. then i checked the water temp. its all normal. nothing's wrong. then i thought its the air con larh. so i switched off the air con. but then the amount of smoke actually increased u know. holy mother god.. then i look at my pant. i was like.. why the hell there is smoke coming out from my ass? then only the information goes into my mind. which is.. there is actually a amplifier under my ass. so i quickly off the stereo system. then after a while. the smoke is gone. then i quickly go to the shop where i did my sound system. and i found out actually..the amplifier chip burn due to the sub woofer is too powerful for this amp to support. as u can see from the pic above. part of the chip is burned.scary rite. i thought i was about to died lol for a moment. hahaha :D they replaced me a brand new one. so now i lower down the bass of the system edi.

Chao Ah Beng in pastry! he really do look like one. dont he ? :P

and yea.. pics of the food promotion. bed time stories :)

lamb rack. which actually is lamb loin

prawn salad.

brought karmun along..

name tag made my celes

mocktail made by ejinn a.k.a the bartender

in the restaurant. around 70+ paxs

pumpkin soup lol. too thick i written on the comment card..

chicken wif speggeti wif pesto sauce.

karmun's name card

hot chocolate. but kinda tasteless..

overall.. the food is good la other then the soup is too thick. :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

artistic class

the first artistic class i got full mark. 25 out of 25. its to make bread basket.
then the 2nd class i skipped. lazy me :D
then this is the 3rd class and also i find it the hardest. class ends at 9 instead of 7. damn susah to make man. but i got 21 out of 25 la. thx to ryan's help. :)

this is the end product! which took me a lot of effort of doing it!

after tat went rasta with ryan and wan chi to chill. :)
wat a tiring day man.
oh yea! i saw ejinn's mommy dining in tonight! surprised lol.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

my dear , my dearest

lots of my frens know..
tat edwin loves speeding..
edwin loves modifying his car..
edwin takes very good care of his car..

i record of speeding is about 235km/h with this car

edwin sayang his car a lot. edwin mod his car. and spent quite a big amount of money in it already..
edwin uses illegal HID light which irritates ppl as well

but today..

theres this stupid women. who cannot make up his mind whether she wanna turn left or right.

and in the end. small accident happened which actually made me feel quite sad.

its not totally her fault nor mine. but the both of us are wrong in someway. and a small dent has been done to my dear car


this is juz a random pic which i find it funny and a bit wrong. hehe..

take care of urself la chao ah beng. play play till liddat..

oh.. and i uses my digi voucher to claim this bluetooth. coz i always plug in my iphone to listen music in my car. so its quite inconvient to answer call wif it.

went for haircut yesterday with mom and karmun.

and now karmun says tat i look like a kid -.-

do i look like a kid? no rite? hehe..

busy week coming up. tsk!