Tuesday, April 29, 2008

concert and a wonderful day..

michelle lost balance. sry michelle, i have to put it on. u look cute. isnt it ? :P
picnic during the break. poor wern
aww.. look at her :P
wif janice's hat on.
chui.. not funny... dun laugh :P
last year's king. A.Teo

dear dear..
in subang shareton having buffet dinner
and again..
AND again.. XD
well.. wat can i say? happiest day of this year perhaps.. wish tat i could have another day wif her.
im actually in chiang mai , thailand now. in my mom's fren's house. i have lots of picture and words to share wif u all. i'll be back on monday. gonna go shopping tonight at the night market.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Bad..

I had arguement these days and basically because of words.
As everyone who know me well. tat i wont bother to go bsi even on normal school day.but why do i still go to bsi? juz wanted to see how's someone doing. to make my heart feels better.. and spend juz some tiny little time wif her for the WEEK! waking up earlier then the usual time about1 , 2 hours for doing those stupid things. but wat do i get in return? why am i still doing all this shit even sometime i already know wat will i get in return already. or in tat case,u can say tat im too sensetive wif words. but i dont know why i got so pissed wif it.

Im a bad bf , im not wise. not understanding.im emotional.always doing
DUMB - Doing Useless Meanning Behavior

Great.. im late for class today. probably bcoz i cant sleep last night which i have barely less then 2 hours or sleeping hour only. but thx god i didnt cut my finger off today in all the cutting. assessments are coming. i have not much free time at all.

something bad is already happening in college and now this came to me.
why does this always comes to me at this coming rarely moment which i can only spend time wif her for maybe once for the whole year??

life is hard

im so sick of these.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

some information about last week's course. as usual.. start wif driving back to back each day..

stupid indian so yong-sui in the lorry
li hui's old wallet. she got a new white one in pyramid anyway..
the JAMMING condition..
Chef Vincent teaching kitchen theory class..
stupid idiotic fat short annoiying lady wif american slenght teaching me english.
part of the kitchen..
another small part..
Chef frederick and Chef RexLee discussing..
Locker ROom..

My Senior cooking some cool tasty appetizer.. LiHui.. there u go XD
we learnt stock.
and prawns. and yea.. SHHH!! secret XD

one of the three restaurants.
going back home. as usual.. raining and fking jammed..
yesterday's pastry class. pancakes. sause. and cream caramel dessert.
my knife set.

Chef made mini crossant.
bla bla bla~~
camwhore of coz.
stupid ryan ka ka cau cau..
and u fatty..
i didnt took picture of my product of the week again. but li hui tasted one of it. which is the dessert. more information can visit her blog. http://rawr-lizzette.blogspot.com/ . so far haven updated yet but im sure she will update about it . i guess :P well.. she will always get to eat all my GOOD FOOD larh.. since she is in the same campus wif me. phew.. 1 week's gone like tat. life is getting busy-ier. i miss my old free time.
going to watch movie now. the three kingdom. donno nice or not . frens wanna watch tat.
aileeeeeeeeeeen still remember tat i owe her a birthday lunch. but i think its canceled. or postponed. rite aileeeeeeeeen ? :P might as well forget it larh XD hahaha..
i wonder how i my DocTor wan doing in kelantan. hope he is FIT enough to go thought everything. and i received his gift and card thought natalie to my mom then to me. wow. im still receiving birthday cards and presents huh.. not bad not bad..
feels so lonely sometimes..
till then..

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My english lecturer sounds so american-ish

My english lecturer sounds so american-ish.. a bit irritating after listening to her for a while. somemore monday got 2 hours. 2day got 3 hours i think? will i speak like her as in picking up her american way to speaking english one day? lol.. no body knows.

Well.. i juz got up from my softy. while waiting for li hui's class over ( poor michelle have to wait since 10:30 till 12) gonna wear my pink shirt today wif.... will choose tie later. urm.. black pants. leather long shoe. hmm.. a x belt. delicious perfume.. hmm.. hush puppies sock! and wat else.? AH! have to bring my P.O.E out to college as well.

Gonna join adventure club , basketball ( see how good they are) and student council. orientation night as well. there must me questions and questions. wat does adventure club does?? well.. i've found out for u guys. its like white water rafting.. kayaking and stuff. im brave enough to go for it . not for the rafting shit. its the leeches..!!

Haha.. if anyone still remember on all those bugger's blog teasing me about litches. :P now im going after litches ! i'll bring tons of salt and poor into the river and my pee will be ready to keep them out XD

Worst day of college is still thursday. WTF!! emma u bitch. and wednesday as well. this two days im fking busy.. somemore class start at 8 o clock. must leave my house at 6:45 to beat the jam. im so sick wif driving now.. especially when jammed.

Aileeeeeeeeen , jeronn. good luck in SPM this year. wif my support. should't have any problem la rite ? :P

Juz a random picture. oh yea! i saw heidi's class. which means the car in the picture in TTDI plaza last thursday when im having dinner in there too. too bad didnt spot heidi anywhere in it. she must be in one of the pub :P probably lar..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Hair =/

Went all the way to KL today juz to get my hair to be done. oops.. should say.. Jam all the way to KL. XD
cut my hair like REAL short. and dyed my hair blue-black. its quite hard to tell the blue but the colour is cool. i look like many years back's me. :( :(

then came back. went 1u to meet josh and others at carl's jr.

then my aunt called me for lunch at bsc. chilies. yummy steak then went coffee bean for a coffee..

juz a short post. im tired..

1st day of college

wow.. first day of college is... PASTRY CLASS! w00t!
me and my fren wee lee is in order to make muffins together.
it was successful anyway. i myself thinks tat its nice. not prasing myself but i got feedback from some other ppl wan le .
1) Chef frederick say its not bad but a but soft
2) wilson say its good. he would buy it wif $$
3) sue and her momma. they said 1 is not enough oO...

overall.. successful!! lol. first baking ever..
but monday is gonna be a boring day. computer and english class -.- gosh. need to wear formal again. but morning going to beaconhouse first. class starts at 11 so no worries.
my P.O.E is gonna be tiring. everyday will bring me to school and back suffering the JAMs..
poor thing. but i swear to god i'll give u enough of food. Shell petrol. ;)

orientation night is coming up. dress code--> PINK! lolz
beaconhouse's anual concert is coming as well.
tuesday probably going for dine-in in college coz my fren has his serving thing.
wat else ?....
oh yea.. last but not least. going out wif dear dear for the 1st ever time since last year.
weeee... guess i gonna plan i nicely.
had lots of sissha today. like really a lot. mint ice ... grape ice...

and one shit... i have to cut my hair. like real short.. :( :(
AND dye my hair back to black :( :(
WTF man..

see u soon sweetie :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

College is Cool but not so Cool.

Orientation days finished. today's the trird and the last day. well. wat can i say? met some new frens. internation frens as well. everything is good so far. and its very tiring. yesterday i reach home at 7pm++. i slept before 9 and today woke up at 10:20am when my fren called me and asked where am i. thx god he called me . or else i'll be late AGAIN. first day of orientation day already late.

oh well. 2mr is the first day of class. got pastery kitchen. Chef Patma will be guiding me. how would it be ? =/ will i burn the whole kitchen up? i hope so :P

i got lots of uniforms. got formal type. which ppl say i look like a father coz i look matured wif it .
chef's jacket , pant , safety shoe for kitchen and pastery.
maderine shirt and vest , pant and shoe for restaurant serving.
so many type of uniforms. =/

LDP and NKVE traffic is horrile. i'll be part of their JAM everyday.
petrol is so costy.. mahalll..
i'll be hanging out at ac a lot. so u might see me there one day and dun feel surprise :P

sorry dun have any pictures. dun have time to take pictures lol.

and i'll try not to let li hui curi curi take photo of me while im in class according to her . she wanna post it on her blog so im gonna be anti-photografted ! :P

wish me luck on 2mr and hopefully i wont be late. 2mr class at 11. not 8 :P thx god.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

2 days before the starting of college life.

Time flies..the last day of SPM 6th of december till now. 3 months++ enjoying my free life. no job. no school.. nothing at all.everyday juz go hang around. play. play and play. gonna miss these days. dont think i will have them again in my life.

oh.. 2 days before college starts. have to prepare myself a bit lor. my stupid campus needs to wear semi-formal everyday. gosh.. i dont even know how to tie a tie. last year everyday monday i'll give rachel my tie. cause she'll help me to tie it. but now... =/

im too lazy to irom my clothes as well. gonna send all of them to the laundry once a week i guess.

went to brought some clothes and belts and stuff in 1u today. then dinner wif uncle at monte's at bangsar shopping centre. T-bone steak was soft and yummy.

dear is in camp. hope she's doing well. <3

wonder how would my college life be. will my teacher be nice ? my college mates? oh yea.. i'll be driving to school everyday. the jam is horrible.basically there is 2 ways to my college. one is take the LDP then go sunway and make a U-turn. which 1000% will be jam in the morning. the other way is take the NKVE toll way to subang. then jam all the way to subang parade. then jam all the way to roundabout then jam all the way throught sunway pyramid then will be somewhere there. i hate JAM :( waste petrol waste time waste energy and i dowan to be late like i usually be :P

new college new life.


mushroom soup..
T-bone steak wif mushroom sauce. medium cooked.

i miss you <3