Monday, January 21, 2008

New Year window Shopping + Real Shopping.. =D

Early early morning.. while im still in dreamland pak toh-ing wif my dear.. my mom *knock knock* my door and woke me up. Grrr.. oh well.. got up. prepared myself and we went to The Garden / MV for new year shopping wif uncle bobby and aunty ming sia. being together wif them is nice. they're not like those type of uncle aunty.. like keep nagging this and tat those. they are totally different. they keep pushing me to try all the branded stuff.encouraging me to try it and take a look. at the same time laughing and teasting at my mom.. keke :P went into 1 shop and try 10 millions of clothes.. then end up i didnt like any one of it =.= . so enough of introduction..lets get started.. cmon.. we start wif breakfast of coz :P in the garden's basement. had some HK food.dan tat was good.. then the 1st shop i wanna go.. of coz.. my favourite.. Armani Exchange.!!! went to try these new arrival shirts ( got 1 nicer one i didnt took picture =[ ) this is the not so good looking wan. look like a napkin on the shirt. but the quality , the material.. the cutting.. the white-ish..the look of the shirt is awesome i tell you. its REALLY GOOD! from picture u cant see anything nice. but when the shirt is in front of u . u can see it =D guess im gonna buy the 2nd one in the coming days if i didnt found any other more attractive one. its seriously good wei.

In the fitting room..

Uncle bobby said tat his house got more then 20 pcs of AX shirts. not only AX but EA also (emperior armani). and he is a fans of ralph lauren too..omg..@@" i love those brands too.!!!! after the 1st visit of AX. we went to Isetan for the amazing shop..more tiring then the amazing race.. (lame joke anyway..) walk walk walk.. not tat nice not tat nice.. until i pass by this RAOUL shop. saw this black shirt wif cool and simple design. and then forced to try on 100000 millions of other shirts.instend tat one i like.. in the end. chosen the black one ;P Isetan was on sales anyway. 40%. pretty reasonable. 399 was the normal price. i would never ever afford 1 of these shirts.. AX is about 499.. EA is about 799? or maybe more according to uncle bobby and mom. they say EA is for higher lvl of AX. oO.. got such thing wan meh ? oh well.. who cares.. :P now is my parents paying for it. maybe in the future when i make money.. i'll get myself lots of lots of nice clothes. and i'll buy my parents back tats for sure..brought tat shirt up. was pretty happy :D then went out to DKNY / CK /banana republic..and more.. was forced to tried lots of shirts again. im tired of testing shirts.. actually im looking for a sharp white long pants.. which i hunted for the whole day. only CK got it . kinda over priced too. around kept tat in mind. very xpensive.. topman got 1.. only 200+. but dont have my size =( W34.. im wearing W32,33.1u and mv also dun have my size.. have to check lot 10 and pavilion out. kept tat cool ck white pant in my mind 1st ;) some ppl dont even believe tat im wearing W32.. but i does.. im not tat fat okay :P

so after tat. we went back to mv to have lunch at a taiwanese restaurant. beef they serve was good. then after tat. shop for little while more in mv then ciao. so tired.. more tiring then working out at gym or playing bkb. shopping is such a good exercise for ladies.. its so damn tiring.. this is my 2nd day of window shopping. till the next post.. c ya ;)

OH yea!!.. a good news! sabrina is moving to BU10 during may or june. yeah.. can lepak wif her more often edi. or maybe go watch all the movie in the cinema ? go makan ? weeeeeee.. wont be so lonely anymore.. but i wish rachel lives next to my house larh..>.<"

Wat i got for the day.. only..

p.s : I <3 U..

Friday, January 18, 2008

New Year Window Shopping (1U)

okay.. today i went to 1U wif mommy for shop. basically wanna get some nice clothes tat i like . to keep in mind 1st. then the next few days go for other malls for more ideas. got a set of clothes in topman which i quite like it . (a shirt , white long pants , a belt) . then mom brought me to zara men.. fcuk.. guess.. nothing much. but until i went into armani exchange. omg.. i saw this really cool white shirt. RM499.. $#@^&*&^(@#@#@#!!! still keeping tat in mind. should i ? should i not ? guess i should get more idea 1st. im sure pavilion and mv , lot 10 got more choices :D

yesterday i went out wif doctor wan . wif his zmin , dong gu , and cha siu. (forgot their names :P) sorry.vina went to but left early coz her bf was there. we went for this movie call gameplan. fking nice movie. 1st funny then touching. athletic should go learn ballet :P why? watch the movie and u will know why :D k.. a picture of yesterday's outing. but its juz 2 of them. :P how sweet..

miss u dear.. <3

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

To My Darling Rachel..

After reading ur blog , wanted to leave ya a comment but it cant coz i dont have a xanga account =/ so i juz reply here larh.. Got put sunblock or not ? tanned edi then look like kioko edi lo ? dun get so stress from all ur Hws and stuff ya. take it easy. its juz beginning of the year.. everyday sms wif u also add maths.. tired.. stress.. maths.. homework.. after school somemore go add math discussion wif ur cousins.. take a break whenever u can larh.. a hour of sleep or a movie will be good. 1st week of school u already fell so-sick-ish. the 1st day of ur fever.i was so worried. after telling u something tat im not happy wif..which is should't tell on tat day and when u sms me at 3am said tat u cant cold but face is so hot(am i rite?).. and stuff. i stone on my bed donno wat to do lol.just trying my best to cheer u up.

I miss those old school days , although sometime school is boring but when im bored. i'll walk to my class's window and look through it .sometime can see wat are u doing there in ur classroom. its kinda funny xD. or maybe ponteng puan emma's class or ms evvon's class or any classes to go ur classroom and hide there to be wif u ? :P now ? stone at home and guess wat class are u in.. wat u doing.. wat is the lunch of the day.. worries..missing you.. and stuff.. this year is gonna be tough for us. like u said. its harder then a test. i think its a task tat we have to go through. a hard one. very hard.. but im sure we can strive through it.. rite sweetie?

take care there till we meet again kay.. love u always..<3

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hmm.. education fair ! I wanted to go to the fair to get some info for Culinary Art. so today. woke up at 12. then went to prepare then go to 1U for some quick breakfast.

Berry blast from juicework and a rotiboy for brunch :P

so after tat i took a bus to kl sentral and change to LRT to go KLCC then talk to the KL convention centre. meet up wif aileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen and qian2. qian qian is so into design. aileen ar ? law ? but she say she dont feel like doing it edi.. modern design if im not mistaken. then she dont think her parents will allow. maybe be a doctor lor.. me ? something which doesnt really touches book then i can consider edi. coz i hate books. U call me remember all the theory theory stuff. might as well call me to go to hell.. =.=

then first. i went to this taylor college section. its pretty interesting. and my sister juz graduated from taylor and went to NewYork and study jor.. so.. can think of taylors xD . then i went to others.. KDU.. sunway.. and more. but i think i still prefer taylors la .. fee for a year is about 18k++ thx daddy <3

Oh yea.. i went to KDU when this women intro me about the course. then only i know tat she is from Sri Inai KL. she was a teacher there and she know MR CHONG AND MR XAVIER. my goodness.. of all ppl i can met , why must i met her ar .. and of so many ppl she can know . why must know mr chong and mr xavier ar .. mr chong is my formel englsih teacher. 10 of his classes i fall asleep more then 5 times.. mr xavier ar ? beaconhouse sri inai's headmaster lor..swt.. =.=ll


stage tat i have to go through..

It was so crowdy. aileen left first coz parents are there. then qian2 and i went for pizza hut. two of us sapu the stuff-crush hawaiien chicken pizza..

taste so good. its been a while since i makan pizza in pizzahut.. after finishing the pizza. so full! then me and qian qian make our way home. he took a cab home. i took the LRT. mom cooked chicken rice. so have to bagi muka cannot go join ya . sorry ya saby :D next time next time kay ?

i wanna own a restaurant before im 40. then i'll be the si tao , and rachel will be si tao po. two of us can sit at the cashier and lepak. tats my hope. so in this 20 years.. have to work really hard to achive my dream :D give la some support.. *clap clap clap* hahaha.. perasan-nya.. :P

2mr have no plans.. guess i gonna sleep till cukup cukup then go gym ? missing my dearest..

A suffering day but ended up a wonderful day..

After a tired..exhaused working out day. the next morning i woke up at 7 and my shoulder and bicep,tricep muscle were so damn painful. went to shower and changed. it was a new record of my lepak life of waking up so early in the morning.7am! even schooling days i dont even wake up so early. when to Mc D got some breakfast then went to damansara kayu ara to hear the 6 hours of stupidnesssss lecture. reached there and registed myself at 8:30am++. then have to stone under the sun which contains full of vitaminssss coz the fella which suppose to give the lecture haven come YET. until 10pm only he reach wif a smile on his face. and asked. 我是不是迟到了。。?(am i late?) i was like.. wtfish.. r u asking us to answer you such stupid question ? then we start to have our outdoor lecture. standing under the bloody hot wif fulled of vitamin's sun..and somemore this old man keep telling his own stories. donno weather is all bullshit which created by his ownself.. or its true. but who cares.... last time me ar .. last time i was a ...last time where got ... last time only got ..(all in chinese coz he is speaking chinese) so i got so pissed off and very inpatient. juz stand there at the side under the shave and lepak and not listening to him. here is a picture of the situation.

stupid old man lecturing rubbish

My hair tat time was burning. so bloody HOT! im already HOT enough and now im even HOTTER. :P . oh well.. he lecture till about 12:30pm+. then its break. i went to the mamak there for a break. chilled myself there. until like half an hour later back to a AIR-CONDITIONED classroom for 2nd part of indoor lecture. thx god. air-con!! but i was so sleepy and yawning non stop.didnt really focus and listen to wat tat malay babi said. wanted to sleep so badly but i didnt. such a good listener like me where will fall asleep wan.. rite ? :P

until around 3pm+ *they also wanna curi-curi potong masa wan la* they give us a paper then call us to go to sign and register tumb print once again then can ciao edi. phew..

was surrounded by tudung!!

i think here is where i'll have my section II driving test soon

then mom come and picked me and say.. since im so tired. tonight lets go to have some good food. then from a tired and not functioning mind. suddenly come active! w000tt!! subang shareton. here i come ! went back and rehat sekejap. then came back out for dinner at 7pm.++

here i come !!

omfg.. the food is awesome!! improved a hell lot compare to last time. ordered a watermelon juice which costed RM20 bugger.. alrite. time to make u guys droll.. roughly go throught wat i had yesterday. appetizer come first.. and some dessert too.

Its actually some malay dessert, looks good ?

sushi ? too bad i dont eat raw i "hantamed" the california sushi.and the prawn 1.

some western dessert?

HUGE mussels? HUGE Oyster?? HUGE RED prawns?

some fresh salmon? anyone ?

Then i saw this cool ice fish

so basically tats the starters and some dessert. then they have a hell lot more of food but i cant post all here. but something u have to know is their BBQ! choose some from the picture below and call the chef to cook for ya :P

beef , chicken satay , fish , then vege under , squid&sotong,chicken

Crab in mid , beef , lamb,prawnssss :P

first i thought it was a babi , but lately only i know it was a baby lamb. poor thing but taste so juicy :P some potato under it .

the BBQ chef was actually a culinary student from taylor college. its the course tat i wanted to go for .

so basically tats the BBQ. everything taste good and nice.

super blood redly watermelon juicy juice!!

some lamb rack . anyone ?

cheesy sweet baby lobsters...nyummmy..

fruits at the end.

a very bad day tat contain a very good night. xD i'll go back to the buffet. seriously.. it is damn good. melody ? interested? hahaha..i noticed food and I are always together. i loves food and food loves me . hmmmm =D

after tat mom wanted to go to Tesco for some grocery. i also wanted to restock some food for myself too. :P

mostly are junk food for myself XD

oh well.. after went home. sms wif my sayang rachel dear dear a while.. then straight away knocked off. was so bloody tired.. i miss her so much.. so tats about yesterday.

Friday, January 11, 2008

First Post =P

Hello ppls.. juz settled down everything and im so sleeeeepy now . and tired of coz. but anyway.. since mingwai already helped me to set up this blog. do something wif it lor hor ? ;P
hmm..i shall start wif yesterday. A very memorable day to remember. which is .. A SUNWAY LAGOON OUTING!! too bad nicholas and abby cant come to join us =/ do come join us along next time kay ? and all our other fellows..=) on tat the early morning when im still so sleepy.. 9:05 am. a message from sabrina tells me tat she is leaving her house to my house. so i roll around my bed and lay there till they arrived. then after they reached my house. we chit chat a bit in my room. and they look into some of my pictures and giving commentsssss about it . maybe i look better when im young .. (roll my eyes) after i go shower and pack up my stuff.Around 10 o clock and we hoop onto my mom's car and chiong to sunway pyramid. melody is there seconds before we reach i guess.. and i hope =P so we went to have breakfast at J.CO. check it out :P

attactive isn't it ? =D

luckily it was in the early morning. line isnt tat crazy YET. so while waiting for the not-very-long-queue. camwhored a bit..

after choosing the 12 donuts tat we wanted.. sabrina paid for it and belanja us .. thx =D

It was sooooo good. and so creamy.. donno how many years of fats already we eaten but who cares.. not like im gonna get fat also. >.<" so after a while. docter wan , tata and darren came. we makan makan a bit and vina broke the ash tray. so this meal worth it larh.. RM20 for 12 pieces of donut + they - 1 ash tray. xD and then.. its party time !!

We went to the dry section and then only go to the wet part.. its was a good day . didnt rain at all. we all had so much fun. till 4 sumthing when everyone start saying.. im hungry.. im so hungry.. so we went to the locker, get our stuff and go to bong bong..

me and mingwai are the first two tat finish showering. so.. wat to do ? camwhore lo.

Then mingwai when to brought us some food. taste so good + we are hungry. the food kena sapu damn fast when the others came out from showering.. then continue camwhoring..

after tat , we ciao to pyramid to have Hart's chicken buffet. food kinda sucky but we're so hungry. so juz sapu only. tat time I was too hungry... so didnt took any photo. pai seh..after tat very-the-filling-dinner. we go archery(correct spelling?)!! so fun :P i shot two arrows to the number 13 board, as in the small number 13 number board , behind it got a camera wan XD


YESHH.. all sucky shots

oh well.. =P

And the gang..

after the archery, we went out for window shopping. till we found this beautiful light. and this smelly , gross, dirty, stink,rubbish bin

Chef Tong & Doctor Wan

Suddenly.. feel like going for dessert.. BR31! i introduced this new polar bear mint to vina and she loves it . and brought a huge cone wif double scopes

and my favourite flavor . green tea of coz

but for green tea lovers.. i suggest u try Juicework's matcha heaven. its really heaven =D
look at mingwai :P

after tat.. its getting late. mel's mom is picking her up. tata , darren and doctor wan taking a bus to kj LRT and taking the LRT back. me vina and sabrina took a cab back to my house . then we chat a bit outside of my house while waiting for sabrina's parents come and pick em up. Wat a day =D better then i expected. seriously..


today.. went to school to get my dearest lunch . coz i understand school's food sux :P it was raining when i reach school. so im a lil wet tat time when i reach. had lunch wif her and wern&josh as usual 4 of us . then we went to lepak till rachel's mom reach school. rachel smell so good larh today.. flight of fancy..hmmmmmm :) miss her so much larh.. donno when can I see her again <3

after she left school.. i played basketball for a while. then went to 1u for my gym session. my personal coach lai isnt free so he called sha to coach me . (the one who coach vina tat day) . omfg.. damn tiring man.. like monster working out only.. stress gila.. hardly only can survive through the 1 hour ++ . after tat I went back to the locker room. and took my bag and left the gym. after 3 weeks+ of working out. my hand look a lil stronger compare to last time..

after this monster workingout , of coz i need some FOOD to replace my losted energy. this is it! a power size of juicework as usual and today special as a reward for myself. a XXL fried chicken fillet..taiwanese was so chuncy outside and so juicy inside.. :P nyyuuuummy...

and then I walked home. mom got dinner . so I gonna make dinner myself. cooked this fishball noodle. look.. there is 11 fishballs inside. wif some vege and bihun..

after makan.. then shower.. then blogging wat u all are reading right now .. alrite.. i have to rest earlier.. 2mr got 6 hours lecture in order to get my L license.. bugger.. 6 hours...somemore have to wake up so early in the morning.. bugger..

C yaz...