Friday, May 29, 2009

malaysian studies presentation & car gathering

had our malay presentation today. its juz a video and which is about the rise and fall of melaka. its the topic tat we choose.

the nerd look khy li. damn gangster rite.

busy setting up

playing the video. while we all are sitting on lecturer's table.

keke. posing

and more posing

elaine and lina. forgot wats tat guy's name.

lina and adrian wif his iphone

see? the whole class pay attention okay. must give face :D

later at night after yamcha. we decide to take a photo of our myvis. since theres 4 myvi drivers on tonight. awesome !!

the damn bridge xenon light is my car :D damn easy to spot it rite :P

wif flash. this is wat it turns out

khy hugging gan

from left anger..

now we add in another waja which is wee lee's. in the middle of all myvi

wif small lights on

wif flash

now wif normal light.

my car light is damn irritating :P but i like it! haha

now wif high beam. can only see the light bulb -.-

all yellow light.

wif the drivers posing on the car

lou wong! WPY 8844 i think..

obviously its me WPH 8685

wee lee doesnt wanna pose to ryan took over. BGV 2838

vincent chong. WPE 1392

and lastly. ong khy li. WRH 3813.

wonderful car gathering.
wanna view more? go to my link and search for Spriritviewer. which is ryan khy and i's car team. got more car gathering pics there. :)

gonna oioi now. 2mr gonna cook for charity man. 7am have to be a college. gosh.. tata.. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

downed 2 nights in a row

i was down 2 nights in a row. it was horrible i tell u. i'll blog bout it wif some pics soon. right now let me show u a video of waihong acting Akon's na na na. when we were stuck in the jam during saturday night before reaching poppy. its funny yet nice :D enjoy!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The returning of sister & Boston night

well.. the returning of sister. its the first time she came back from new york since last year's august. miss her ;) thx for the shirts and coach mini wallet. like it :) kar jie and mommy hugging in the airport. :)
then after tat we went pub to join uncle godfrey and all before going dinner. drank vodka i still remember. drink until high high only go dinner. diu..
sister and i @ pub
then dinner at restaurant extra super tanker.
uncle , mom and sister.
after tat i joined sam and waihong @ rasta.
was playing around wif pineapple
samantha called a pineapple coconut. haha. lmao :P
we always play cards whenever we are together.
weihong trying to make circle wif the smoke but failed in the end :P but he really can larh.
sam and i
waihong and i ;)
yesterday, i joined them @ boston. not the US boston , not the klang boston but its the mont kiara boston. its a pub. they're having promotion every friday.
see? they are so happy :D
here's the condition. 1st tiger would be RM25. then every empty bottle u bring back to the bar they will only charge u a RM0.50 to replace a new one.
the tiger in a new look.
got a lot more new looks. but taken 2 of them.
mei san. so happy
sam and mei san
sam and i :)
meisan and i
waihong and navin
the gang :D
drinking drinking.. until the sun has set.
everyone's getting red.

sam's face macam tomato saje.
all red. but i look okay. but in the end i got drunk. not drunk but very sober. i still know wat im doing but juz tat i macam lost control. i even sleep on the ground while waiting for the gals to go toilet and waiting for lift. gosh. so paiseh. haha..
then sam drove my car and send we all back to rasta.
smoked. then sissha-ed
there's so many problems im facing now. dear..? lina..? bro..? its so much of problems.
waihong.. i was once at ur stage. to be honest. long distance relationship is really tough. i have to say tat. but then i'll still support u to go after her la. u know... who knows u both will make it rite?
drunk? i think so.. posing while i was down. tsk -.-
i drank 9 bottle in about 2 and a half hour. its a new record. wanted to go get the 10th bottle but then its already 9. tsk. wat a bad number. 9! :( but surprising im not red larh. tonight poppy. no more beer but chivas or vodka! :) i want to drink to hold me from thinking my problems.
meisan & sam

then we went rasta. all of a sudden khy li came. waihong called him to come look after me i guess. coz i were kinda drunk. wat a nice fren i had. seriously. he's a damn good fren. cant really remember wat else i did. i still remember i had a phonecall wif zhilei. content bout it i'll remain it as a secret until things has solved.