Thursday, July 30, 2009

outdated postes..

been busy working everyday and didnt have thee time and mood to blog about last week's. remember charles's farewell post? the day after next after i woke up. i felt damn sober as usual. head like gonna break. it even last until monday when im working i can still feel the alcohol in my body. the day after i got drunk. was my break. thx god.. went out wif polly to mong kok for the movie the murderer and dinner. the mall is called langham plaze if im not mistaken. inside was pretty nice. 13 floors it has. damn high right imagine.
went for japanese food

then went for dessert :)
after movie
night view of the side of the mall
the next day back to work!! :)
ah joe
it was charles's last day of working.some pics
another shot charles in the staff room. we always rest and sleep there during our break. coz work's tiring :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

gonna work 13 days in a row.

well. too many things in my mind. i dont even know where to start and should i share.
gonna work 13 days in a row. even 2mr's a sunday i oso need to work half day. then continue next week work work work until next sunday only got off. tsk. will let u guys know more bout my previous week of training lorh :) damn busy man..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

charles's farewell

ugh.. i ended got drunk quite badly.. tats the worst thing i can say. other then tat we all had fun :)

a huge party we had tat night. 20 over of us. im the youngest surprisingly. but then we all mixed around. the feeling of joining frens who are much elder then me are kinda nice. different feeling. today is charles's last day of working in nikko. he's a captain of the french restaurant. after he's gone we'll miss him la..les celebrites will be much quite without him..will catch some photo wif him later :) the main reason i got drunk should be the big amount of drinking of beer and black label. u know la. when u mixed alcohol together means die.. and the way hongkong ppl drink is very different. they play game , chai mui.. play dice..and more.. where we malaysian juz enjoy drinking only..
the early comers!! tong tong from pastry,polly the trainee and i.joe from french kit and polly's fren
ppl started singing and partying..a lot of ppl right :D
playing chai mui..
ah keh! cherry!another waitress from les celebrites :D
from pastry kitchen :D
polly and i. we're both trainees

the two guy at the bottom look like the khyli-alike type of ppl :P

ah sing and i
the gal is from coffeehouse's waitress. the guy im not too sure..

charles and ah sing
ah keh,cherry and i

we had fun tat day. thx to charles and polly for sending me home tat day. damn.. i showed my ugly side of my tat day =(

Saturday, July 18, 2009

charles's farewell tonight!

weeeeeeeee.. alcohol and songs at neway tonight wif the hotel collegues tonight :D
work ends at 11 and party starts right after until 2mr morning. woooo... hard to believe tat i'll have this type of night life in hongkong too but not only malaysia :D will blog about it soon :D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

well.. wat can i say?

she thought me a lot through out the whole exam. this is the main reason why i will pass my term 4. and im so fcuking sure i will fail without her help. i owe her a huge big one! :) i was so surprise weih when i saw the result. seriously. i did not take my english exam due to my absentee and my math oso i screwed up. both oso get 3 marks only out of 20. BUT..

Student ID: 0804JP86416
Programme: Diploma In Culinary Arts
Semester/Term: 4 (Apr-2009 - Jun-2009)
Exam Type: Term 4 Examination

Printer friendly version
Food Science & Sanitation 2
Cuisine Operations 4 (Advanced Culinary Techniques)
Principles of Economics
Business English - D
Basic French 1
LAN 1003
Peng. Malaysia
Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing

Global Average:
HURRAY!! :D i didnt expect much but i knew tat i will score well in food science , marketing , econ and lan subject. oh talked bout food science. have to thx u lina oso :D for teaching me in the assessment and made me score 28/30 i think. and choonyung too for letting me... bla bla bla in the lan subject and i got 28/30 also. thx u thx u :) i'll be back for more in term 5 !! :D
fcuk my english teacher..idiot.. and fcuk math! math sux! :P im juz too happy right now. all the subjects tat i score well. all oso last minute studies. i never once pay attention in class. i swear to god. gotta change man in term 5. i hope.. lol :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

happy and sad

donno why blogger doesnt allow me to upload pictures!? nvm. screw the pics. this 2 days ive been up and down. as in my mood. my emotion. few days ago i got emo over some personal thing. then.. on tat day after work. i went to look for facial product in a mall. while looking for it by myself. the salesgirl came forward and assit me. the way to explain and test the products on my hand. as in she rub it on my hand. the feeling is very weird. then in the end i quite like the set of facial product so i decided to buy it. then the other sales gals came forward and talk to social wif me. say the sales gal like me la. wat do i think bout her la. ask me damn a lot of question. in the end they even took down my facebook and hp number. scary lol. was quite shy at tat time. or should say shock. but in my heart im actually quite happy when i think back.then yesterday. they ajak me for lunch and tongsui at night. tongsui is dessert for ur infomation.then at night they called me for a chat after tongsui. its a 4 way conversation chatting. cool man yet its confusing coz u are listening to multi ppl talking. but its kinda fun la lol. they even ask me again tat i got feel towards to salesgal who fall in love wif me. i answered.. no.. no feel :) its not tat she is not pretty. she's not tat bad. but juz tat. when u talk bout feel. it wont come straight away. i miss the feeling of love and being loved.. seriously..tats it.. not gonna explain further details on yesterday anymore :)

was kinda happy actually even in the beginning of today. until juz now. when im taking train back wif ah man. one of my collegues la.. he told me a lot of stuff. coz today's my first day in french kitchen. and he suggestted me some suggestion on wat should i do and stuff. then today. my kitchen's cook A accidentely over cooked the lamb chop. then he called me to eat it lor better then wasting it. so i was like okay.. but i was busy doing some work there. so after i finished my part of work. i went to take the lamb and eat lor. who knows its actually another lamb. he got shocked and according to ah man. he was actually pissed off one lorh.. but he did not show it out. he took the over cooked lamb to another place and put the lamb tat gonna serve on the same spot. and i didnt realised it. its all misunderstanding. im sure u all are wondering why he got pissed but did not show it out to me. normally. the chefs wont be good to the trainees. out of 10 chef i believe 10 of them also like tat one. but to my loyal readers who keep urself update bout me through my blog. remember i posted up a post about my interview? i went interview wif my dad and not to the HR department but straight away in the GM office wif the GM of hotel nikko? and i wasnt even worried tat i wont get employed coz i knew i am gonna be success coz of my dad and the GM's relationship. and ah man told me in the train juz now tat the GM actually talked to my hotel's executive chef bout me. say tat im his bla bla bla's son la. must take good care of me la. watever i want. try their best to fullfill my needs la. then the executive chef told all the chefs in the kitchen in the meeting when im not there i guess. tats why i always got this very weird feeling tat im being treated in a different way. like ppl are very kind to me. this is the reason why i said i quite like the enviroment coz the ppl are friendly are stuff. no wonder the chefs there always cook food for me to eat. purposely cooked extra juz to let me try and eat. lobster.. fish..beef. everything!!

the story behind this has finally revealed. the ppl treated me so good and look after me so much is actually because of the GM's word. i feel quite bad for the lamp chop's case of today. ah chung doesnt even dare to be angry at me even he is. i feel very bad for this lor. :( :( isnt i should be happy? but for some reason i donno why i felt so headache wif wat i did today. wat happened to me?!

but he's ok wif me edi la now. after we cleaned up the kitchen. we went to the locker and change and crap and laugh. after tat we walked to the bus and train station on the same way. smoked and talked. we're fine now. but no matter wat..i still feel bad..right here...right now.. :(

Friday, July 10, 2009

Les Celebrites french wine dinner :)

this is the post tat i said tat i will post today. as u can see. its a french wine dinner. accoding to the lecture by my chef. its not easy to make a set menu. it have to suit each course and another. light and heavy matching. wine. and more and more. which is quite confusing but i still understand. some pics of yesterday's. this is the menu of the day.
setting of the table. many wine glass rite?
some wines..
more wines. the wine cost more then 1 million dollar. can u believe it?
main course of the day. prime beef tenderloin medium cook. damn soft damn delicious man.
this is ah chung. cook A for french restaurant. pan frying the sole fish in advance.
this is my buddy. ah yan. his cooking damn chun. chef de parties :)
cold kitchen preparing the 1st course appetiser.
scallop and tuna sashimi mixed wif secret sauce. damn good!!
second course. goose liver. 2 style.

special appetiser for VVIP. tuna belly which is toro + scallop sashimi wif secret sause wif salad. damn nice rite the design.
this is the next course. some seafood we called it "seng zi" in cantonise wif rocky and sauce.
next is cucumber sorbet. im loving it. its the nicest sorbet i've ever taste, weird i know but it taste fucking good.
main course is up next. prime beef tenderloin medium cooked. damn nice it goes wif the truffel mushroom sauce.
lastly is the dessert. it comes wif the chocolate thingy in the picture in the bottom on it. i took the pic in advance tats why :)
dinner was successful :)
some ppl even got drunk wif wines. lol.. lmao :P
left hotel at 9 today. went to the mall opposite my hotel right after. wanted to go for a walk. went to gucci. the got new wallet. its PVC and shinny. not leather. cost 2k. quite like it but im still here for 3 months plus. can still wait and see got any new arrival :)
meanwhile. i went down to the bottom for a walk in the cosmetic section. gay i know.. but its weather plus working in the kitchen makes my face damn oily and its not as smooth as i was in msia edi. so i went to shu eumura ( correcrt spelling?) SK-ll. Biotherm and shisedo for a look at their product. one set of 3 cost bout slightly more then 1k. but hotel nikko workers can have 15% off :) so its about 1k$ for 3. considering. getting more tiny little pimple which can hardly see my eye but still. i dun like it. face is the first expression tat u will give to other ppl. anyone can recommand me any brand? currently using nano white but it doesnt seems tat working too well.
sorry sam, tat i cant send u off to melb on the 12th. i'll miss going lok lok and rasta wif u :( and clubbing and boston and ur driving without breaking and speeding like hell and more and more..enjoy ur orange peach mint in rasta as much as u can kay? keep some in the box so tat u can bring to melb and suck it :P haha jkjk :) take care there larh kay? hugs :) i'll do another post on the 12th of july when u leaving.
2mr's my last day in cold kitchen section.been smoking a lot lately. stress gila babi.