Thursday, February 26, 2009


im too tired to express things out. its just so so disappointing..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

discount! discount!

today is some special day which i donno wat day it is but i know its something tat do wif christian. so TGIF is giving this 40% discount on selected item. mostly are drinks. sarah chan actually remembers who i am and asked me to go :O surprisingly!sarah !i dun even know when they took this pic wif my camera -.-sarah , siang
after tat i left early to my long lost classmate to have dinner. well. she wants to eat korean BBQ and recommanded this restaurant. ok la. quite nice.

korean meal have lots of side dishes -.-

anyway. im so surpriced tat actually my sister know my situation and willing to support me a bit for my air ticket to melb wif her hard earn money. she gave me lots of idea on traveling budget and stuff. getting me domestic flight there which i dont know how to do it. but she came out wif this "but if ure serious about this gal, then maybe this is worth it ok?"she had been into my situation before. so i think she knows how it feels pretty well. but in the end things didnt worked out for her. how would mine be? would it be worked out? does it worth using this big sum of money to go all the way there and look for dear where i think my identity has changed a lil. im no longer the first person to know dear's problem and situation. more and more. i mean how would u feel if ure me.i dont know larh. its so confusing. if the air ticket is support by dad or mom maybe i wont consider so much. but this time is from myself and some part supported by my sister. so i think for us as a student is quite a big sum of $$.

i wonder how would it be if a couple quarelled but both of them are in different country. where the both of them has "bull temper".

worth it? worth it not?

Monday, February 23, 2009

qian's 18 celebration

18th feb was the actual day of qian's birthday. but for some reasons he wanna celebrate it on last sunday. which is yesterday.

nothing much. plan canceled on klcc and came up wif pavilion. went red box plus wif the peeps. then after tat went over to qian's :P

qian's room

wats aileen looking at ? :O
aileen and i

sabrina , sheena , edwin
sheena making me long hair! woot!
have u seen a 3 head ogre magi?
wat about 4?
5? :P
this wasn't a good one. gonna snap another nicer one soon

sheena posing wif her myvi!

sry for such a empty post. not in the mood to blog right now. having real bad gastric and i have no idea why.

more pic u guys can check on sheena's blog

Thursday, February 19, 2009


there are some changes in my during the past 4 days. ( tsk.. its only 4 days :(.. time passing real slow )

  1. i've been driving way slower and safer compare to last time. used to drive like mad dog and tailgade everyone. flashing my white light to everyone. but now eventhough its last nite tat has no traffic at all. i stay around 80km/h to 100km/h only. hardly go over 110km/h. dont believe come sit in my car :) i do keep my promise okay to who it suppose to be. :)
  2. i dont hang out late anymore. maybe not yet but i juz dun feel like hanging out these days. but yet i still have trouble waking up early to work. why? :( im feeling more and more stress then last time eventhough work is almost the same. is it because something is missing from me?
  3. petrol last longer then last time. used to fill up a fulltank after 3-4 days. now it can last up to 5 or 6 days. which is pretty much saved.
  4. phone has been real quiet. so not comfortable wif it.
  5. been saving money but i think i'll be no where near my aim in this short moment of time. sorry if i cant make it there to u. it might be after quite long only i'll be able to get tat amount of money. hopefully within a year.
  6. getting lazy and lazyier
  7. but the good thing is.. i stay home more then ever. my room used to be like my hotel room. juz for sleep and change. now im staying in it at least 12 hours a day. is it good?
  8. been thinking of u all the time. seeing anything tat has memory of us will make me think of u. even a tomato sauce. :'(
  9. miss going to kd. i dont find any reason to go there anymore
  10. stoning pretty much. wasting life and time.

gosh. i need to do something to get back on track. where has my wonderful life gone to?

miss you <3

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

feeling better

well. dear has gone to aussie for 3 days. and yes. im feeling much better. starting to take it easier and didnt miss her tat bad. but tat doesnt means tat i dont miss her. i still do miss her. a lot indeed.

finished another department and starting on cold kitchen 2mr. a new department. a new start. hopefully i'll do better there. so fast. traning has also gone into the 7th week. and its end in the 12th week. soon soon but not so soon. still another 5 weeks + to go. and u know. time really goes slow when ure missing someone or not enjoying certain things. anyway. thx for those who comfort me and giving support to me during this 3 days.

im feeling so free these days. i dont know wat to do during my free time. juz like yesterday. after work i went home for dinner. then stay in room till 11+ and sleep. i've never slept so early before. and i even dun feel like going out at night. can u believe it?

i always stare and keep checking on my phone hoping there is a msg or a miss call. been thinking too much i guess. phone's so quiet. not used to it.

i wanna go australia to look for u. my aim is end of march. the day after my training. but i have to save up my own money to buy air ticket and living cost there. and u know its not a small amount of money. not gonna ask mom or dad for support this time. my relationship i shall handle it my own. i also think of going there for my 2nd training which wound be around june. 3 months long as usual. hopefully i can apply there and they'll accept me as well.

wat am i gonna do later. wat am i gonna do when im free. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... my mood of going out is juz not there. how come ? why? :(

Sunday, February 15, 2009

hard time

alright. dear has took off to aussie. sent her off to airport juz now. wat should i do now. phone has been so quiet. my myvi's passenger sit is empty. every morning once i woke up where i used to sms dear eventhough she is still sleeping but now i cant do tat. during work break who can i talk to? who can i share my problem wif? who can give me a hug when i need one? who can accompany to go out and watch a movie and so on? after work who can i talk to release my stress? who can make my day?

i miss u nagging me. pinching me and hitting me.i'll miss xoxo.i miss being ur driver.waking up early in the morning juz to send u to work and go back. pick u after ur work. fetch u here and there.i really dont mind because i love u...i really really missed u a lot. but u have to leave which u already planned 4 years back. as u always said its fate. yes.. i believe it is. i really appericiate this 4 months of wat u gave to me. u mean the whole world to me. u are my everything. my heart felt so empty now. i dont know wat should i do when im free where i normally will look for u. i've never drop so much of tears in my entire life. its all u. no other thing..

recalling back in the previous months. sorry for wat i hurt u wif losing my temper , small gas and watever i did badly to u. im really touched yesterday. our early valantine day due to ur leaving on the actual valentine. why do time have to pass so fast when ure around me? i need you. i love u.

this is a thousand more times sad then breaking up wif u. im really having a hard time here right now. do call me or text me once u touch down or saw this post aite. i miss u like crazy... please take good care of urself there in adelaine. im very worry of u. used to spoonfeed u and being wif u, taking care of u all the time. i guess we have to get used to it and move on. 1 year. 365 days.. eventhough its not so long but to strive pass this time is really hard for me. drink more water and wear extra clothes there kay. its pretty cold over there.

i'll follow watever u said in the card. i'll try my very best.. my heart feels so empty now. its like i cant see my road in front. i will miss going to kd and spcc. minnie..hitari.. ur sweet smile. cutey voice. ur herbal tea. breakfast from u.ur massive number of messages.. sweettalks..ur love <3

how am i gonna move on wif my life? i dont want anything. i juz want u right now..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

off to pd and melaka~

hey guys. im off to pd for a night and melaka. i'll be back for more on saturday night :D