Tuesday, April 28, 2009

huge mood swing

zoom the picture for a clearer view. its actually a mail from dear's cousin. which i think its kinda true eventhough i dont believe in this kind of thing. feel bad for bring all the top 1 of those.but then the first part tat says action number one. err.. tat one not so true larh. i do stay calm on certain thing which i think its neccesary.

been watching the hongkong drama called E.U. super nice lorh. im so in love with the previous two episode. and this is the 3rd episode. and its even better storyline then the previous both. aww.. 9 more episode to go only. alarh.. so fast wanna finish edi. there are one actress in the drama which is really pretty and cute. love her personality in the movie too.she look a bit like twin's ah qiu. which khy also agreed. action movie but got romantic scene. not bad not bad..

and dear, i think i wanna observe the problem for another day. so 2mr only i make decition see whether is it my wrong prediction or wat. its not bout u dont worry. juz tat ur late reply always cause me to get worry over you. its juz like. i dont know wat are u doing in tat moment. so when i dont know of course i will think. then all the stupid scene came out. which is bad. very bad. coz i dont know wat are u doing there. when u love a person too much. u will be afraid to lose tat person. so if one day i dont merajuk a lil over tat type of case. u know larh.

at least juz tell me tat ure busy and reply me later or something. at least let me know wat are u doing larh. so tat i wont be a stupid guy holding the phone and staring at it. juz like wat i always do. would u feel normal if i do back the same thing to u? its not the first time already.6 something till almost 10 o clock only u reply me somemore i need to sms u only u will reply me. this make me feel tat as if ure more important for me and im not to u. i feel so stupid doing tat. im already having some issue wif me and this came to me.

going to melaka 2mr. and i think i should be able to judge from this trip.

Friday, April 24, 2009

stress gila babi!!!!

can u imagine class from 8am until i left college and settled our things at around 10pm? i've never been in college for such an long hours man seriously. its..er.. 14 hours! in tat 14 hours i stoned a lot. like staring at a spot. mind is sleeping. u know tat type of feeling.. its juz so tiring..
we were busy preparing our mie sen plus in french a.k.a preparation for 2mr's friday bakery. we have to prepare all the dough. this and tat. basically everything we can prepare first. we did it tonight already. so 2mr incase we're late or not enough time. we can sell make our product out and sell. it sounds fun i know. but its very tiring. being a chef is definely not an easy task. u guys might be facing lots of books and words. but we have to suffer from stress and fire and more.juz tat we're facing some total different thingie.


khy li fetched me to college. half way.. when we were passing by taman bahagia's some road. an lori came out all of a sudden in a single away road. so khy li saw the side has some space so he turn left a lil and stepped on the pedal. theres actually a hold in front and his car ran pass it. and wat happened is..

the left two tyre brust! haha. it was quite funny though. two of us stepped down the car and look at it. we actually laughed for a while before we "tiao zui" then juz one call. 10 minutes later 1 waja came wif 4 of our "leng" edi. theres only 1 spare tyre in a car so i have to go back to take my car and borrow him my spare type. coz waja's spare tyre could't fit in. the size is slightly bigger. then after tat we sent khy li's car to my fren's workshop. skipped one class for tat day. wat to do. accident. poor thing la this guy :P

i miss u hell lot. viewing ur post make me feels so sad..miss ur manja-ness. better be more independant and not so lazy k. gonna make u serve and cook for me when ure back. 9 more months. u got some time to train urself.

recalled back yesterday i think i really got too over over some small thing. but but but i oso cannot control myself larh. really very em song lorh.. the days i enjoyed in adelaide wif u is no longer existed. how i wish u could come back here in one of ur holidays. how i wish..

i need more sleeping hours. the stress made me makan oso no appetite. could't even enjoy the food.

hopefully 2mr's bakery we can make good business. we have to make at least RM450 including minus our capital. tat should't be a problem but we wanna be the top. so our aim is RM1000+ :)

im sure we can do it. we're the best :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

im emo

from a happy day. and all of a sudden changed 360 degree into a deep down emo situation. can u imagine tat type of feeling? went to the lake juz now. was lying down on the grass and listening to the music playing from my phone. smsing wif dear a bit. watching the stars and the hidden moon. thinking of a lot of things.

first of all. of coz its me who misses my darling a lot.
secondly. becoz of tat bastard. i dont know why i got so pissed over him. not like he did anything to me but his behaviour really make me pissed.

i got class from 8am till 10pm+ maybe 11 tomorrow. its gonna be a fcuking stress day. have to go class and study hard due to the absent of class for the past 2 weeks.

today's french class is the class where i found myself at no where. my classmates can actually communicate wif the lecturer in french yet im like some stupid alien who came from another world. dont even understand a shit they're talking. and im planning to go france for my 2nd industrial training in july? wat kind of bullshit is tat? wat am i suppose to do?

college have been really stress and its only the 3rd day. my report of 1st industrial training i haven did. and dont even know wat to do. and the date end is this friday 12pm. and 2mr's class is so packed. how to hell am i suppose to finish it?

i need a break

Monday, April 20, 2009

1st day of class since i was back

well. as most of u should know tat im back from adelaide already. i've been sweating non stop man. even there is no sun. wth? why why am i so hot? :P had practical class today. cooked lamb rack wif chill soup. i'll attach the pic soon wif this post.then had malaysian studies after tat for 2 hours. history. zzZzzZzzZzz.. then econ class which both of them i didnt pay attention. its so stress after practical class so its very hard for me to concentrate.

ahh..i miss my term break's holiday life. wake up.. eat breakfast wif dear. then follow on wif our plan and so on. cant see her edi now =( 18 days passes so fast.eventhough many things happened in the 18 days.which im pretty happy wif it. thx u so much dar for spending so much time wif me..and everything tat u had done for me. thx u :)

the lifestyle there in adelaide is very much different from here in malaysia.not only the price but also the shops closes early. they dont enjoy night life there. and many more.of coz no mamak also la but got higher class yam cha places.

the only thing i suffer from the trip is stucking 14 hours in the air plane. other then tat. it worth it all :)

theres juz too much to say bout the trip.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 more days

2 more days till back to kl. oh well. wat can i say. yes.. i miss kl a lot. i miss college. friends. mom.. and more. but then i'll surely miss this place pretty much too. especially my dear :)

had too much to blog about. took too much pictures already. i'll blog bout it soon when i landed down to kl aite. sry for the lack of update. been spending as much time as possible wif dear this 2 weeks. brought many stuff here. shopping shopping :) saturday 3pm. the time is getting lesser and lesser. tsk :(

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life in Aussieland

First of all, guest blogger here...Edwin and the dearest are busy busy not updating..so I shall have the honors of doing so... =p

So that was the image of Adelaide..When he just touched down.. Only a few pictures were taken since he arrived..so I shall just make do with the few pictures to describe his life here..okay?

Time of arrival : 7.15am Adelaide time...Imagine arriving soo early in the morning...*yawns*

After picking him up from the airport, we all took a bus back to the city.. (yes Edwin here have to take bus..no car for you to drive!) and came back and had a nice long nap...

As for him, he was sick when he arrived, so yea the first day he came...he slept...like the whole day! seriously..while we went to class...he just pig out in the room...He can really sleep...

Here is a picture of him..still looking tall and thin! Ish..despite having a bottomless stomach.. >.<" Seriously he has a bottomless stomach as he can eat eat and eat and still complains that he is hungry! And the amount of food we bought..gosh its beyond what we will normally spend...such as chocolates..chips... Here he is having his first Subway..Haha I think Jiun influenced him to the sandwich...yums..

Oh yea, so what did he do while he was here?? nothing much besides sleeping and cooking and buying groceries that is..hahaha

Nola, we also played Monopoly...but that's another story..

On Sunday, Jiun actually dragged him out (literally!) of the bed early in the morning to visit the temple! Haha as you all know he is NOT a morning person...So the temple has a Sunday school where you can go there and teach the children and also play with them...Definitely not Edwin's element... =p

The camwhores..so many cameras pointing at them...haha nice picture! See the little girl ever ready to smile for the camera.. *cheeesseee!*

Jiun with Cindy...the kids are super mischievous but still soo cute!

We did enjoyed the trip..but Edwin...no more early mornings! AND! we had free vegetarian lunch...YET he complained not nice...and STILL HUNGRY!! OMG... bottomless stomach....Still growing! =O

Okie so after that,Chee Kin and Haan Hwei invited us to the beach! The beach is called Grange beach..where there is this shop selling the most fresh fish and chips that you ever tasted!

The couple in the train on the way to Grange beach...just a half and hour train ride and we're there!

Okay...funny story...so on Sunday..the weather was superrr cold...imagine Genting..but 3 times colder?? Ya..so we were headed to the beach...and the 3 of us actually wore shorts to the beach! and its only 10 degrees outside at the time...*FREEZING*...

BUT! before that...the two of them took a nap cause they were too tired from the temple visit...so we were rushing to catch the train to the beach..mind you the trains here are always on time! Unlike those in KL where they will never be on time...so yeah...it was actually 10 minutes before the train departs and we were still at home..so we had to runnnn to the station and arrived just in time before the train departs!! IF we didn't, we had to wait for another hour before another train arrives... *phew!!!*

All of us at the beach...there are no tables and chairs provided in the fish and chips shop, so we had to order take away..and we went to the bridge that is in the middle of the sea...and the wind was practically freeeeezzinggg.... ah too bad no pictures here to illustrate it....so while we were eating, the seagulls will surround you and look at you eating your fish and chips...waiting for the moment to snatch your food! seriously...there's like 6 or more seagulls at one time...haha but it was a good experience though...eating fish and chips in the middle of the sea with the seagulls..at 10 degrees wearing only shorts...coooll..

Edwin says this picture is like CatWoman?? =p

Haan Hwei and Chee Kin

Picture taken of the reflection in the train...

Last pic! Edwin and his dearest... =)

That was not all that he did...just that not enough pictures to illustrate..as usual they are too busy to take pictures or anything...hehe..so that's all for now!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

in aussie...

okay..as u all know. im in aussie now. weather here is getting colder and colder. flu and flame is still wif me. @$!#^$!$!@!! so im blowing my nose every 10 minutes or so.

here's a nice place la overall. after almost a week hanging out here. i find here quite convenient. as in rundlemall the place where im staying wif dear. things here are much more expensive compare to msia. like Mc D. 1 value set is at least 8 aud++ so 8x2.6=? tats only for a fast food meal okay? so its definetly a very high cost to stay or live here. no night life here. sien! unlike back in kl. can go clubbing. yamcha.. go college have fun :P and more and more. but got dear wif me. its more then enough :) for most of the time..

so many things happened after i left kl. gahh... when im back in kl. i wanna have a full blast back there man. sister is coming back in a month time too. weeeee..

brought some clothes here. quite cheap.and the fcuk here is cheap also. very cheap compare to kl. worth buying:) and the sweet is super delicious. example like starburst. their chocolates.. and more and more. so damn yarmmy!!

and i saw kangeroo steak here man. i wonder how does it taste like :O