Thursday, March 27, 2008

birthday part 2

birthday lunch wif family in westin hotel. food is awesome
more desserts

starter.. some sort of penang rojak
yum :D
bread section.
curry noodle.

my cousin sister and kakak :P
culinary art
main course in the pot

mom , me and grandma
cool lamp
gonna place it on my bed right corner. <3
presie from dear. awww <3
<3 of the day. <3

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to myself !

dear-dear and sue
moo moo jelly cake :P choco banana
wil and i. happy birthdayy :D
vicky , ganz , hsiung. and US :P
cuting the cake
dear and i <3

wil and his momma
sue made me :D


presie from dear, wat will it be???

same like last year. had my birthday party merged wif wilson's cause we had the same birthday. but last year was at my place. poolside. this year in his house. its a bit small but its still awesome. dear cheated me. says she cant make it for the party. made me emo but not mad for quite some time. but in the end she came and gave me a surprise. how naughty xD. but i like it :D
tat morning. sent my car to service. omfg. RM415! wtf man. so expensive =.= part 2 coming up tomorrow. im too tired to post and next one.
to be continue..
i miss u dear.
c u in school 2mr :D

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MSSD basketball

look how horrible yok chai gals own the puay chai , 185-2 and its still not end yet.
junior gals team
excuse me. i cant see :P
junior monkey , boys team :P
senior gals U15, they play hard ;)
shake hand. they say im the other team supporter cause im wearing orange and white shirt -.-
where history are made :D
tally number 4 !!

this tournament came much earlier then i expected. somemore the semester holiday is before the tournament. didnt have enough time to give my players training. so i'll juz tell them some basic skill to defend or the way to bring the ball up to court. some of them even asked me . teacher..? wat are the rules. i got stun by tat totally. got stun for like a few sec.. then i answered him. ask your friend. lol. really dont know wat to say lol.

well. this thingie starts yesterday. where the junior had their matches first. junior gals and boys also vs Sri KDU. gals got trashed 110-8. boys lose by 3 pts only. but im glad to see tat they tried their best. a boy even score his own goal -.-"

today, such a busy day. went to look after the junior for their early matches. then at 10am. i have to leave , back to school to follow the senior gals to Sri kembang for their first day of match. i have to go cause im sure tat they will have problems wif it . as i expected. they dont have their IC , photocopy IC. some even dun have the registeration form. same goes to the junior on their first day.they even left me out. headmaster told me bus will leave at 10:30. so im back at school after settled down junior's problem. about 10:10. the puan sharifah told me. the bus left edi. so i have to drive me car and meet up wif the bus driver. lucky i drive. or else how ? im seriously fed up wif BSI's teacher. why do i have to do all this for them. lucky i know the coaches in charge of the junior and senior mssd basketball. or else they could have been qualified.. tat will make them sad. go all the way and do nothing. so i asked for help. and the coaches use to be fren fren wif me helped me lar. thx to them.

well. under 15 gals did their best. but the other team can tell tat they have regular training. although they are still kinda sux for me in gals team >.< . lost their first round. but there is a history is made today. U18 gals team won their first match. this is a new record for the school. well done gals. *clap clap* sook nyean was the top scorer.pei fen also did a great job. samad too , but u fouled a lot. so violence XD. and all the teammate and supporters. ;) 16-10. sook nyean got 10 pts. but poor Jas sprinted her ankle badly in the match. or else we could have won even more. poor jas. hope u will get well soon. its a first ever tournament for BSI players. so i dont hope to get anything from u guys but enjoy and hope u guys will learn something in it. so in the future i can teach u all some other things.
tomorrow has junior gals and senior gals matches again. gonna be another busy day. senior boys is next week. worry.. im really tired but its juz the 2nd day. one person handle 6 teams. not an easy job. and all kind of stupid small thing which the school didnt done , i have to find my own way to help them out. im so gonna write it in my report and hand to puan zarina when the tounament is over.
if u want BSI to get better result in all kind of sports. u have to start wif regular training. tats my theory.

oh yea.. i registered myself at Taylor's edi. college starting on the 8th of april. gonna miss my free free free life. :( .

at the same time. BSI wanna hire me as a coach , giving the school junior U12 , senior U15 , U18 boys and gals regular training every week. i'll look into my college time table see wat can i do wif it .

this mssd really reminds me of my younger time. when im in my chinese school. getting gold medal and playing on the court. memories... and i could never do tat again. so players, do play well cause u wont get to play when u grow older. ;) i really do miss those days..
birthday is coming REAL SOON. 6 more days. :D wish to celebrate wif YOU ;) tat will be my biggest present for my birthday <3
miss u hun.. thx for staying back today. love u babe xoxo

Thursday, March 13, 2008

what can i say?

woke up early morning.. finished my HK drama. then went to school to collect my spm result. surpricingly.. im not excited at all.. while im on my way driving to school . relax only. maybe i didnt expect anything from myself. juz tat i want a couple of credit and a pass for BM. when i reach school. parked my car nicely. saw eliot..ros..a teo..alana.. and more and more.. they all came in the early morning and waited there. about 10:30. we go in 1 by 1 to get our result. haha.. better then i expected. qualified for college tat i wanna go. Taylor's PJ. im coming. i'll see u there lihui :D

then.. wanted to go celebrate a bit.. but didnt ask her to go out coz i dowan to get disappointed. went to wern's house and picked her up. talked a lil wif aunty then go pavilion. traffic was horrible.

had lunch at westin hotel. yum. then went pavilion to shop some. birthday coming in less then 2 week. gotta get myself a present.

at night. went hartamas wif dakut and wern. picked up my sissha set. then sent both of them home. was so tired. at night had some unhappy things happened lar. wat can i say?

passed my driving exam on monday. waited for 13 hours in total.

8am. helped my instructer to fetch calon-calon to JPJ exam place.

9am stone

10am stone

11am stone

12pm stone , went Mc D to get lunch

1pm stone

2pm stone

3pm stone

3:15 : hooped into a kancil.

1 minute for slope

2 minute parking

1 minute 3 point turn.

4pm stone

5pm stone

6pm stone

7pm stone , drove a few fren to A&W to ta pao dinner.

8pm stone

8:30 did on the road test. , had so many smses and a call while im driving. wtf..

9pm. passed and drove away to hartamas to chill out.

was a damn tiring day , total waiting time was 13 hours. anyone could beat tat boringness?

gonna go pick up my license 2mr (Friday) then i could drive legally edi.

gratz doctor , u got 10 A1 ;) make sure u belanja kay. although im like the 200 person who tell u tat according to ya :P but still.. im one of ur bestie. so u must XD

going to kdu , taylor's pj and 1u later.

plan in future to let u guys know.

will be having a party in wilson's place this year since last year we had it at my place's poolside.

22/3(sat) party at wilson's place

23/3(sun) free , at night dinner wif family

24/3(mon) my actual birthday. no plan yet.

25/3(tus) sleep kao kao coz i want monday to be a tiring and fun day.

k. gonna ciao to shower and do wat i suppose to do today.

love u too. bye.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

GoodBye N73...

GoodBye my N73..
its been 14 months since we've been together..
and now u got snached by someone else.

now days i've been waking up at 7am and reach school by 8. its earlier then the days tat im in sri inai =/ . coaching the junior and senior boy and gal basketballteam.
for some reason its fun. but when comes to senior boys. they piss me off a lil.
i've been saying the same thing for 10 times and some of them still didnt get wat i mean. until i got pissed and shouted a lil at them wif a serious face. and said * from now on. every single mistake = 1 switchside run*
right after i said tat. everyone became serious. most of the shots are in and they didnt play around. punishment are always useful for kids.

gonna have my driving exam on next monday. finally.. meanwhile.. dear is gonna have her piano grade 8 theory exam which she is so scared about it. i cant help it but giving mentally support. you can do it ;)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sport day 08

The night before sport day. me,zul,raj,josh,ganz,hash went to hartamas square after hanging out in zul's place. (played pool in his house. damn cool)ganz and josh made their own way. the others i drove them there. when i came out from zul's place. i activatied lancermode. but lucilly before the bridge turn. i switched back to Myvimode. there was a fucking police trap there. thx god they didnt stop me . after tat. my car never go over 60km/h in hartamas. NEVER!

We hang out at hartamas. josh and few ppl had sisha.. another 2 fella smoking dunhill. but i swear to god. i did not touched any of those. U can trust me. i kept my promise to myself ;)
then suddenly i decite not to drive to stadium 2mr, so i stayed at zul's place for a night then follow his car.. *save time save petrol no risk also* :P we played NBA 2K8 in PS3 . 5 rounds.. i won 3-2.. wahaha.. KB24 KB24 :D and the last round. the last 2 shot , 1 3pointer..and the last buzzer beater.. final score beat him by 4 pts. at 3rd quarter i was losing nearly 20 pts lol..tat was funny.. :D made zul cant sleep at night :D :D

The next morning woke up damn early. damn tired coz only had 3 hours of sleep. was yawning in the stadium..went mamak before going to stadium. did not missed ANY of my dear's event. heres some video.

footprints from U :)