Sunday, January 25, 2009

a lil update

i've been sooooooo busy these days. work sux.. i know.. working 6 days a week . 8 hrs at least. tsk.. chinese new year also have to work. only get 1 day off. tsk.. wat kind of work is this. tsk tsk..
juz a lil update bout myself recently. this is how i dress up when i work. at current department la of coz. impossible i wear liddat in kitchen rite? :P

being the hoster again as usual. why my manager wants me to be the hoster le. good looking for attractive? :P hahaha :D juz being a bit ss. ( syok sendiri ) :P
captain and bartender. and another server :D counting something or lepaking as usual
talking talking.. i kinda enjoy this work actually. compare to others. my work is way easier. why? few customer? always steal food and eat? always steal drinks to drink whenever i want ( when manage not around) like juices. chill or fresh. fruits.. buns.. pizza.. baskin robin ice cream. soup.. soft drink.. and more :P

my i introduce. christy tang! my long lost fren since 8th KYC is working there too but different department la. in carlton gourmet.
and sook leng also known as shirly. taylor's dh30 group 7 or 8 student having training at marriott too.

pool side view of my cafeside view

squirrel system. something like micro system la.

went prego in westin for tea today. sook leng ajak me for lunch mah. so juz makan wif her lo since im alone

WOAHHH!! tasty :P
italian bread. damn nice okay :P i'll bring dear go one more time before she leave to aussieland :(
we had pasta as usual anyway.
till then :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


training has been going on and everyone is so stressed out not only me and all my other collegemates. u know. they have to wake up at 5 around tat and rush to work to avoid the jam and stuff.and come back during peak hours suffering from the jam again. haven been hanging out wif most of them like i usually do. so far only me and ryan are hanging out coz our shift is 12pm ( sometime mine is 3pm to 11pm) so only we can afford to hang out later. but anyway.buckle up guys.very soon we'll be gathering in college like we usually be. add oil ;)

i find my training is quite easy.. relaxing.. coz my restaurant is not tat busy. or should say low revenue season. one day could have less then 10 customer. imagine.. and me and my collegue always curi drinks and make our own drinks. so yeah. its quite relaxing but still its tiring. how am i gonna tahan my next department which is much harder and more policy. hmmmm... im consider very lucky among all of my batch's student.

oh btw.. good news for myself. term 3 result came out and i got 11.5 over 20. w00t! chun man. i was so happy when i saw the result. i did study but not to the max of coz. i seldom go account and math class but i got 9.1 and 9.8 for each of them. oenology i got 13 which is hard to believe ( guess i did well in my final assessment) and for kitchen and f&b serving as usual they are my strongest subject which is got 13++ for each of them. english i got sharp 10. also very good edi lol. quite happy wif my result. i did pray well. haha :D

maybe bcoz of working's stress and due to my sensitivenessssss.. i've face quite a lot of problems these days.. its really borthering me.. i could't sleep well whenever something's bothering me. and it will really kills my mood. wat to do. im a guy which is very sensitive to words. and when ure too scare to lose something and due to some words tat have been said tat makes u dont feel well. i'll get pissed off. but in a quite way la. wat for to express it out.

sometime when i finish working and juz hoping to hear some comfy words from anyone. it always doesnt happen. i wonder why. is it tat hard to say such a word..? eventhough u dont feel like saying it but u can juz say something to make me feel better eventhough u dun mean it. its okay i dont mind at least i hear something which makes me feels better. it will never happen.

i'll respect ur decition. watever u say. i'll agree. eventhough its very heartbreaking..

sorry for not updating coz im really exhaused these days after work and many many more..

i'll try to update more often. ;)

till then.cheers~

Monday, January 5, 2009

1st day of industrial training

did nothing much. briefing makan briefing makan briefing makan. tats all. i noticed the hc department are all female workers. all chinese somemore. why ar no guys wanna work in marriott de hr department de.. had briefing the whole day. talked about marriot. ytl and more. then today 6/1/09. in the morning. we had a house tour. our training head yen yen brought us around marriott.. starhill and rits calton to let us know where is which department and stuff. its so big man. could't remember all. i will definely get lost. then after tat i went back to my department to work which is the marriott cafe. its like the coffee house la. learnt quite a lot of things being a server. the guest are mostly are whites or royalty. im too tired to elaborate.

happy 1st anneversary to my blog :D

more work to do 2mr. tiring job. and im getting less and less time to spend wif dear. she is leaving to aussie soon :(