Sunday, December 27, 2009

friends leaving 1 by 1

haiz.. christmas is over now. and one of my besties, joshua is leaving tomorrow night to state for further studying. i hate the feeling when my friends are leaving 1 by 1. eventhough they are going oversea to further their study. everyone's leaving tat will make my friend circle smaller and smaller day by day.

i dont know. friends are juz so important to me.lots of my classmate from beaconhouse sri inai has went oversea to study. desmond..raja..dakut..izzie..nicole..tani..fiona..daniel..and more to go in the future. in the other side. my other frens tat i know outside of high school are also leaving. and its not 1 or 2 of them. its MANY of them! everytime i see them leave i'll get emo. why ar ? =/

the feeling is worst when u send them off in the airport. its like 10 times worst weih..cant imagine tomorrow if i send another one off. next time i'll have 1 less fella to hang out with. less 1 fella to help me out when i need help. tsk :(

and my mom wants me to go oversea to futher studying after my diploma in taylor's after end of march. considering either in aussie or state. not gonna go european countries because i suck in french. eventhough im leaving it for the past one year. learning a language is juz not easy. maybe i juz have to interest in it larh..

imagine. if lets say i'll have to leave to anywhere in the other side of the world tomorrow night. i really cant imagine what could my feeling be if this one day really come. i love my life here. i love my family. i love my friends. i love my car. everything is just so perfect to stay here. but think of my future career. of course i would be better if i futher my study at oversea. wat to do. malaysia dont have a good culinary school that provide a degree..

some people like it when they go oversea to study and they wants to stay there and work for the rest of their life. while some people couldn't do it. they will have homesick badly. some of them might come back half way doing their course there due to reasons. would i be one of them? i hope not. when i went hongkong for my training. im juz there for 3 months. and i really get homesicked throughout the 3 months. of course. it gets better day by day but still. the feeling goes on and on. end of the day i would say. friends means a lot to me. really. i really do apprieciate the friendship i have to every single one of u out there :) if im really gonna leave mid of next year. im really gonna miss every single one of u.

josh, take care when ure in state kay. find a new hangout place there to replace rasta. and of course the most important one. have fun there in US. all the best i wish u. :) bon voyage!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas!

All I want for Christmas is u!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

pictures of langkawi

we took 888 pictures in our langkawi trip. and its taking million of years to upload to facebook. i juz got some pics like a quarter only. here's some of them :D

Friday, December 18, 2009

im back!!

im back from langkawi for since a couple of days already. well.. the trip is kinda fun larh but i think the gang is a lil too big for me. i prefer small gang when we're on a vacation. imagine.. 19 ppl have to travel together.. here and there. a bit the troublesome rite?

i cant show u guys any of the pictures yet coz jay haven hand me the pictures. we took damn a lot of pic wif his camera. those professional one. damn chun! i'll post it up when i got it kay.

spent a lot in this trip. not only i got liquior and chocolate back from langkawi but also plenty of sunburnt. and now my skin on my face and shoulder is starting to peel off. ahh.. i look ugly -.-

4 more weeks of holiday. wat shall i do.. any plan or outing? anyone? :)

i have no choice but to let it go..
and its hard for me.. very hard..
its just like a dream that will never come true :(

Sunday, December 13, 2009

langkawi here i come!

i'll be off to langkawi till next wednesday. in this few days i will use the power of iphone to update this blog ;)

Friday, December 11, 2009

kiwanis charity annual dinner :)

well.. i dont have much pics with my camera so maybe u guys should go to this link below to see an awesome post done by yiching :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

library, rasta, library!

first of all.. welcome home sam :) welcome back to msia :D we all misses u! :)

anyway.. for the past few days. sam , meisan , waihong and i been going library and rasta again and again. its like a must go place for us already. we had lots of hoegaarden.. sissha.. again and again! crazy!! not to forget those who joined us. shu wei and boon :)

and yea.. i even cooked for them too. lamb stew and mushroom soup with garlic bread. hope u all like it ;)

lets let the pic do the talking :)

meisan and her moi :P

oh yea, we went for sam janalise's birthday party at bravo@plaza damas too. too much drama happened tat night. bad night..