Tuesday, September 30, 2008

genting trip

Had a genting trip last friday. it was awesome. :) everyone was actually very semangat , say wanna take the earliest bus to cable car at 8am. but ended up taking the 10am one.lol. me and jiun took the bus from 1u , and nixon pek mun and peng took from kl sentral due to our convinient. mommy picked jiun from her house and dropped us at 1u. jiun was so pai seh lol. :P should call mommy pick her up more often. haha.. XD
we went kuang station for breakfast while waiting for the 2 hours till 10am. had breakfast there and played her sister's intendo thingie.

after we hook onto the bus , i slept all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to cable car station. lol. tired weih. slept at 5 and woke up at 7 tat morning. so the conclution is , having too much of frens isn't good. keke.. :D

met up wif some of the gang in cable car station. then we're off to genting!! the whether isnt good. raining! so we didnt went to theme park and had buffet lor. how sad. have to go back to genting for the theme park some other time! before having buffet we went to our hotel room to drop off our stuff. imagine. 10 ppl squeze into a room. lol. but we managed to sleep la still. no one slept on the floor. ;)

we had a super heavy duty lunch. we took and ate damn a lot of food. kao kao full!

peng , jiun and pek mun :)

and yea , nixon and i. damn a lot of food rite? we ate them all okay. no wastage :P

after a while. the others came up to join us edi. so we splited into 2, gals wif gals , guys wif guys for walk till dinner.

some pics of the gals

after having our dinner , we went back to our room to shower and rest. then went down to starbuck to celebrate tai gong's birthday.

ouch :P

happy birthday tai gong ~ :)

group pic

excuse me jj :P

wein and jiun :)

tai ma wif jiun :)

us ;)

wif cap on this time XD

then , those who are 21 and above when to casino , and poor us who are under age ran around outside of the building to enjoy the windy cooling-ness. it was so damn cold weih. when the wind blow to u , can feel tat it goes through my clothe and jacket and hit onto ur body. kao kao !
peng and wein in the pic above :)

nixon and i , nixon is really anti-cold wan le. iron man. he wore shorts and t shirt and can still stand the wind. omgosh!ure the man ! :D

jiun and i :)

after tat we went back to the room while waiting for the others having fun at the casino.
when they're back. we played some games. loser have to drink CHIVAS! hehe.i think everyone went tipsy and some even when drunk larh.

tai gong woke everyone up to play tat game. so we all aim her 1st. so tat we can sleep earlier :P and yea , she's the 1st one who K.O :P haha.. see? her face is sooooooooo red. like tomato.

poor thing..
the way she slept was so funny. smiling , her hand. hehe..
we finished the whole chivas in slightly more then 1 hour. keng keng :)

i was a little bit tipsy but i still know wat am i doing.

situation in the room.

helisa. hehe , poor thing. she didnt kena one at first. so i decided to kenakan her after tai gong got drunk :D and yea , mission accomplish :P

random shot. didnt know how come this pic will come out one, must be louis!

ah ma , tipsy as well

tai ma , tipsy too.

nixon , same goes to u :D

louis! keng man this guy , drank a lot and didnt sleep for the while night. look after for all of us. thx dude :)

jen jin ar ? poor thing also. kena damn a lot of time. he's face and neck was all redish.

the next day when we got up , had some conversation and shower. then we checked out and have lunch. after tat we ciao liao lo..
wat a wonderful time :)

i'll update the ipoh trip once i get the pics. ;)

happy birthday nixon~

i juz came back from ipoh. tired larh.. not in the mood. i'll simply elaborate a bit.

went out wif jiun before the dinner.
had japanese food obviously.
and again.
dinner at wong kok in pyramid.
got nixon a cake from sharaton subang. chocolate one.
nixon wif pek mun , tai ma.
and yea , birthday boy and i

nixon & tai kong , mei yee?donno got typo anot.
ah ma wif nixon.
jiun , nixon and me :)
jon , nixon , jj
us ;)
more updates coming up.

Monday, September 22, 2008


keke.. im so happy today due to some reasons. only u will know why :) hehe..
and i did not sissha today as well okay. 22/sept/08. 3 days in a row man. dun say u cant believe. but i myself cant believe as well. but its pretty hard and tempting i can tell u =( . but there's a price to pay for if u really want something. :)

picked jiun for brunch today at sharaton imperior. had dim sum. it was simply deliciousssss :D she ate quite a lot. so yea , im gonna make her fat :D hehe.. then we went starhill , pavilion for window shopping. then we ciao.cant think of going anywhere so dropped her back. i went home and took a nap coz im quite sleepy. then she offered me to have dinner at her place. thx god weih her parents went out for dinner. had dinner at her place and watched some f***ing funny show tat lmao. i seldom watch tv lar. but soon , i'll be chasing taiwanese drama tat jiun borrowed me ;)

teman-ed her for one whole day. :)

after tat only i went to rasta to join my frens. im kinda late though but oh well , at least i made it rite? my buddies. chilled for a while and struggle through the sissha temptation. i have to drop amir back to subang due to my late-nessssss. didnt wanna speed but they make me speed. wtf =.= i have such nice frens weih.

happy day :)

here i come my lovely holidaysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :D

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

great day

went to watch accuracy of death wif mommy yesterday. quite a nice show. too bad i cant udnerstand japanese. or else its gonna be even nicer :)
then dinner , had a wonderful time larh. wee lee , kye li , huixian and sarah and i meet up at my house. and we went klang for dinner. brought them to boston, quite famous of lala restaurant.

situation there. we ordered sotong kangkung first as appetizer. the main course serve quite fast ar.. normally it'll take about 40-45 minutes. but this time. 25 minutes only. surpirsingly. @@

wee lee , paid 500 bucks for this dinner. haha. long story....
lala! it was so damn spicy. got chili padi okay. but i still manage to eat it lar. it was juz simply delicious. :D

sarah , i love the way she talk. damn funny. her emotion and all. haha.. quite a funny gurl.

camwhore session when im driving.

khy li and sarah. old old fren ;)

wif hui xian

and yea , how could camwhoring session be without me ?

wif kye li

khy li and i at rasta. we went rasta after dinner , a very filling one. tatsuai we didnt went pandamaran for dessert. i didnt speed okay :P

sarah and huixian

another pair of old fren. knew since primary.

the moon was pretty last night

me of coz. donno who took this pic

then sarah wants to drive us back to my house. thx god we're all still in a piece. haha..

had a great time wif them all. great day, everything is juz so great
wei guan and han quan missed all the fun :D