Monday, September 28, 2009

Term 5

sry tat the pic quality suxs. got it from fb.

college is starting again 2mr. i wonder how would college be. in a new group this time with new peeps. will term 5 turn out into a better term then the before?

had quite a lot of fun in this 5 days since im back from HK. my life in kl is still better eventhough i like hk's lifestyle too. misses my frens overthere. miss go drinking wif em. aww..

went up to genting last nite to gather wif my gang of frens. its not a perfect trip but oh well. acceptable. got lots of pics but haven have the determination to edit and post them up. soon soon aite ;)

Monday, September 21, 2009

farewell , farewell , and farewells ;)

alright! trainings are over already. and im sure all my heng dai from taylor's are celebrating it already. ( i dont have to ask coz i know they sure will =P ) normally im the one who will ask the peeps out but i wonder who will it be this time :D anyway. cheers to all DC/DH30 students for going through this 10/12 hard weeks of training.

as for my part. i cant deny but have to admit tat my training is juz awesone. if my situation happens on the other trainees. im sure they will enjoys it too. i juz have too much benifits. *thx daddy* :D
in this 3 months i really get to know a lot of new frens.they treat me real good. not like juz those normal frens. last saturday was my last day. and friday night after work at 11pm+.few of my japanese kitchen collegues wanna go for a early farewell wif me. so we went tsim sha tsui a "zhao lao" to makan supper. 阿升,嬷嬷茶,阿基,阿文
as usual. we didnt ate much but drink like hell lots of beers coz one big bottle of carlsberg is only $6 HK dollar omfg?!?! so imagine la. we drank like crazy. and their target is me. so the poor me tat night got very high. after drinking they bring me to experience the HK night life.旺角黑夜! hehe.. reached home at 5am and the next morning woke up at 10 to get my ass to work for the last day.

yeah! :D
gonna post some random shots tat i took in the last day ;)

阿丰! dont he juz look like the "dai hong" from doreamon? hehehe..
阿文with his tepanyaki station
my buddies of french kitchen. i've learnt a lot from u guys. thx u ;)
the one watress in the restaurant. 阿茄!
叶嘉文 and i
gary wong the exec sous chef and i. gary was from the well known penisula hotel.
didnt get to snap a pic wif my exec chef which pamper me a lot. he was juz too busy tat day.
阿龙仔!the bartender. thx for all the beers oops drinks through out the 3 months ;)
阿jack! he has been working in HK for 15 years. oh fyi , he is from malaysia. ;) the one guy i can talk malay with ;) he makes awesome curry and roti ;)
and here comes the 2nd farewell. steamboat last night. the cost of a beer in my first farewell was 6 bucks rite? its cheap enough i kl it will cost about RM20 for the big one? about tat. but last night's beer was.. FREE OMFG. when i knew it was free and i already have the feeling tat i'll get drunk man. wtf wtf.. free? tsk..
they keep cheers wif me one by one. so tat i have to down one beer and another very quickly. how to not get drunk la like this. easily i drank 25 glass man last night. still managed to get my ass home tat night. one i reached home. i puked :P

阿joe's wife and their baby lam lam :D cute huh?
aww.. happy family :D
肥兰哥!i like the words he said to me last night when we keep drinking. "dun care so much , if its happy. it worth it" a bit cacated la after i translate it in english.
see u next year when im back bro ;)
the gals. eva , polly and cherry.
2 farewells i've had already and i was this close " " to get drunk. like totally drunk. and guess wat? tonight gonna have another one wif my galfriends. one of them are celebrating her birthday on friday but they brought forward coz i wont be here anymore. so we merged it together ! tonight. at fantasy club. tsim sha tsui! anyone wanna tag along? :P my head is still spinning. i can feel tat im actually sitting on a boat. not on a chair lol. cham lorr tonight. save me anyone?
i've been drinking too much eversince i came hk. beer,wines during work. reach home oso drink beer. then go pub drink wif frens everyweek. worst then kl. kl was yamcha and sissha only marh. here worst! lol
will share more about tonight's and 2mr my last day/night in HK before i take the 9:15am plane the next morning.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

bye bye my 2nd training

A wonderful experience training has came to an end :) hurray!! :D

had a early farewell last nite. went to makan and my japanese kitchen collegue brought me to experience HK's night life. awesome i can only say. :)

then today. another small farewell in the evening for a simple teatime.

2mr gonna have another one. wif other frens. steamboat most probably.

monday night wif my gals friend who i always used to go pub wif. also to celebrate ah yan's birthday on the 25th this month. they bring forward so tat we can celebrate together ;) monday night gonna go drink in tsim sha tsui.
then tuesday gonna go hotel and get my paid and settle everything. have fun tat night then the next day gonna wake up @ 5am+ to catch the flight at 9. ;)
to all my kl frens. im coming back!! :D
to all my hk frens. im chao-ing.. will see u guys year end or next year ;)
suffering from gastric, running nose and light fever..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

HK and MACAU trip post will be delay due to...

pics are not with me :) and partly bcoz of the busy of my work larh ;) probably the next week but while waiting for my post. ( if any of u ) can visit she's ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

busy busy

will be cooking for ejinn tonite when she come visit me and i'll be taking 2 days off to hang around in HK. hasnt got time to edit the pics of the demo show tat i've taken last thursday. i've been damn busy eversince i got into japanese kitchen.11am until night 11pm. =.=..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

susssshi~ :D

self claimed day off today due to my lazyness. :P so i went down to the mall and looked for my fren and to makan. sushi again this time. i juz had sushi last sunday. -.- and today i had a massive one again. really gonna turned into sushi boy lol like ejinn said today..

today had my late lunch wif aby ;)

tata~ this is she
ordered many many kinds of sushi :D
soft shell crab handroll
seaweed king prawn sushi
diced tuna belly sushi
salmon belly? :)
weird look of her :D hahaha..
deep fried soft shell crab. squeezing lemon juice on it ;)
ITACHO sushi :)
damn nice larh this one ! roasted Eel wif melted cheese on it!
more camwhore pics back in their shop

tsk..about 3 more weeks of training more to go..