Thursday, July 31, 2008

short update

a lil thing about this week's class.

xin thiar wrote my this in geografy class.. swt lol..

kye and me and our bao beis

zhu zhu

sister's party. we ordered cater.
the chocolate fondue of the day. it was the best!!
uncle wif my sissha. <3
dad came down from HK juz to attend sis's 21th bd party. :) this is our 2nd family pic in more then 10 years. the last one was my 18th bd party which is 2 years ago. uncles and i. *should have changed into my ralph lauren tee before taking this pic* tsk tsk..

cousin sis and i. <3
family pic!
sis and her frens.
happy birthday :)

went to sheena's house on last sunday. her house was huge :)
sheena wif her piano.
camwhore. as u can see.she has my dream gal's height :)
now wif her guitar :)so talented larh..
got a new pant from AX :D <3 gonna go tailor make it reduce the size from 32 to 31.5

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


whee.. juz came back from yam cha wif my collegemates kyeli..ryan..ayu("girlfriend") and cyn thier ("girlfriend de bestfren") we had so much of fun. we've been hanging around since 7 sumthing. went to pick them up for breakfast. then go class and class and class till around 4pm only class end. after tat they went back to their hostel to change and shower and stuff. ( gals's stuff, they need to dress up before going to anywhere) so when they're done. we headed back to BU. dropped them at khy's place. he is cooking speggeti wif his own recipe. and of coz. after such long study hour. i need to shower and change too. so went back home then only go and join them. kye's speggeti was good. we all loved it. too bad i cant take spicy. or else i guess it would be better. the funny thing is. khy scratches his ball in front of all of us and his mommy.( he does tat in college also larh) so it came up wif a topic for us to crap after dinner. khy's mom is so funny and nice. ayu and cyn their took the chance to bully khy li back lar of coz when momma khy is there. gals always take advantage wan larh :P *inside joke* lol :P

after tat we wanna head to rasta. to sissha and yam cha larh. but then 5 ppl squeeze in a Myvi is too packed! and i can feel tat they car is so hard to move. so i went back home and took mom's benz out. w00t. so syok larh. but the only thing i dun like is driving the benz is tat the pressure is there. u know larh. myvi is small in size and im so used to it. mom's car is so powerful and huge. and nice to drive la of coz. luxury car wert. but if kena anything. its gonna be O-M-G. then u will see edwin is dead in 2mr's star newspaper headline. hahaha.. we went rasta and chit chat. then of coz. gentlemen edwin sent them back to their hostel near our college larh. then only send khy back and blogging here now. its fun hanging out wif them. we can really clicked together :)

2mr we gonna go makan seafood as dinner again! woah. i gonna grow fatter edi. hurrrray!

alright. gonna blog a lil about last week. hmm.

brought a nice knife bag for my knife set.too lazy to take some many different case. so i juz stack them in 1 bag. the bag is cool :)
then last saturday. went to BBQ plaza wif khy li and han quan. food is great but cosy.
khy's usual gangster look.
makan makan!!
then we went to centrepoint mc D to have dessert.simply the best :D cheap and nice.!

and then we planned to drink on tat night. before going to khy's house to drink.khy came out wif this idea. going to khy's house we have to go up a hill. so he say. he and han quan wanna push car. call me to stop in the middle of the hill and they get down from the car and push. siao wan la this 2 fella. hahaha :P madnessss
then we watched THE PET! its like 1/2 porn movie larh. its about some european guy treat women as a dog. han quan introducing the movie :P
khy li made us vodka shots first.
then we had some imported beer. quite strong wan. 10% i think.

then khy li's parent made us brandy , brandy wif milk( which taste like teh ice) and XO!
me and han quan playing chess in khy's laptop.
then khy took out his porn -.- we're quite high edi tat time. but we didnt do gay stuff okay!
watching watching..
wtf =.="
we know tat we had quite high alcoholic level already. so khy li made us tea to calm us down. coz me and han quan have to drive back after tat. we drank the tea and relax , chill around until 2am only slowly drive back safetly. the next early morning we 3 gay shit went for bak kut teh breakfast in klang wif hui xian. breakfast was heavy and good! KLANG bak kut teh okay!
after bak kut teh. went to 1u to watch dark knight wif mingwai. it was his's day. his birthday celebration day larh. after the movie when me and mingwai looking for restaurant to cure our hungryness. i knocked onto SherWen.she's wif her 3 layer skirt which she can kick my ass wif it. siao!
then after lunch at dave deli.(the food there inproved). we went to chiong K! vina and 2 of us.we met tata , shou , darren too. long time didnt see them edi larh. its good to see them again.
vina's singing is still the best. and mingwai too. mine? sux lar of coz. still need to say de meh. like spoil radio only.(there's a video before this post tat recorded vina's sing., check it out. its really good) we had fun there. oh yea , we sang happy birthday during chiong K for mingwai too. lol!
then we follow on wif our plan. mingwai have family dinner wif his dad KH. melody and sabrina also went along. so nice lar. food was good , fun , and good and good. for ur information, we had shabu shabu wif wahyu beef :)

the adults.
birthday boi! happy birthday once again :)
wahyu beef cooked in steak style. GOOD! it melted in my mouth!
melody and sabrina
THE BEEF! omg. look at it. *drolling*

minghui , mingwai , KH :)
melody , sabrina , KH , vina and i. kiwanis rox :)
wahyu beef! moo moo~~
the next day. i had serving. in the morning. many of us forgot tat we have to do a report about tat day's serving. info about the food and history of them. so we quickly do! or should say. quickly copy! lol! so hardworking rite?

im the only person who serve 4 pax in our group. asked li hui , shakira , jiun momma and peng grandma to be my guest. i serve them well okay! li hui gave me 9/10 in my serving! it has proven everything! :D:D hahaha
serving bun first.
then appetizer. in the picure im actually clearing the appetizer.
mocktail of the day. donno wat name edi lar. its a combination of strawberry syrup , sprite , pinapple and some ice cube. taste good!it would be better if we add some gin or vodka to make it a cocktail :P muahaha..
serving main course. * silver service*
serving the host. :)
tats the main course! saute chicken wif mushroom brown sause , a vege side dish( donno wat it called) and potato wedges. the chicken was a bit over cook , quite dry and less juice.
my precious guest!i setted the table , cutnary , crockery and everything okay! everything done by me!
dessert of the day. paris brest! brest! not breast okay :P
mommy seems to be enjoying it :D
after so much of hardwork in serving. still have to write another report. swt.. siao eh..

serving wasn't tat bad actually. quite fun. but i find cooking in kitchen is still much better. tats why im in culinary art but not hotel management. 2mr have pastry class. then moral. after tat gonna go party to release the stress of the week! next week got assessment jor. so damn fast.. week 4 only. but time flies larh. so fast end of week 3 edi..
sister's 21th birthday party is coming. saturday. so i'll be busy on tat day. she's 21 d. @@" and im 19 :P ( still young lar okay :P )
okay. gonna go to bed soon. till then. nitez <3