Sunday, January 31, 2010


my 2nd aunty striked lottary! and decided to buy us a great dinner. so they asked me what do i wanna eat. so of course. japanese food larh of course. and i wants the Finest one! :D here the pics of the food.

this is kobe beef fyi ;)

terriyaki cod fish. damn good!

more kobe beef

zhaffi's farewell.

we decided to go space for zhaf's farewell. ahh.. another buddy is gone.december was josh, early jan was tengku amir and now zhaf. my kaki all leaving weih!!

we had fun that night. drank kao kao. almost needless mixer to drink. haha!! tats how mad we are ;) and the night after. i went maison wif celine , han , justin and all. when im on the way back. kena stopped by jpj. got a saman for tat. so from today onwards peeps. u wont see me wif me sexy myvi already. its a stock myvi. juz that i put back exhaused in it. or else my car is so gonna be under power since i changed the tire and rims.but basically its not sexy at all already. the tinted gone. light gone. my crystal number plate gone. everything! :( enjoy the pic of the night anyway..

my oh so sexy black tint and oh so sexy HID light :D

Sunday, January 17, 2010

penang trip before college starts

in the middle of no where. gan called me up and asked me to go for a penang trip wif her and her friends. since im so free. why not ? :) we drove up to penang. all the way from subang. and the worst thing is.. we kena 3 road blocks in 3 days. bribe bribe. money fly away just like tat. :(

but nevertheless.. the trip was fun larh. wif all the food and jokes and also.. alcohol.. teehee.. not to mention those unhappy stuff here.the 4 of us know why rite? ;)

we didnt take much picture this time coz i thought someone would have bring camera. so i didnt bring mine and in the end. no one brings camera -.-

BABI! wendy's nickname :D

me ;)

oh yea. we spent quite a lot of time in the beach. :)


the new temple in penang. got a huge kuan yin :)

i dont think im even as tall as the kun yin's feet =/

Monday, January 4, 2010

maisoning 2 nights in a row

went to maison two nights in a row. friday night was kinda off although i went late at around 2am. simply because tat night was a gay night. i went up to look for the peeps. then i looked down the dance floor and i saw plenty of guys. and some of them even dancing wif topless. i was like OMG~!! first time weih.. gay night. =/

after clubbing i went damai wif celine to chill since its so nearby.. oh yea.. not to forget.. i brought celine a AK-47. not the gun, but the cocktail. its quite nice in term of the taste. quite easy to drink. but the effect comes quite slow. like an hour only the alcohol goes up ur head. if u drink it.

then then. the next day. celine and i went to hangout around kl. kl was quite packed. but yea. it's better then empty larh. imagine.. if one day u go kl and shop. suddenly kl is so empty. its weird rite?

we went to starhill and teeq. to pay celine's fren a visit. then we off to pavilion. shop around and had dinner.

celine dropped her eggyolk :P

oh yeah.. we even went to perfume shop to look for the correct perfume for celine. daisy daisy i support..!! all the way :D after that we went off to starhill's feast village. the bar there called village bar. for a drink.
she had corona as usual. her favourite..
while i had kirin beer. which is from japan. taste not bad. quite unique :)

picture taken after we finished our beer. celine's face turned into a tomato.

around 10:30. its about time to go club :)
went through a lil bit of jam but we still manage to get there in time.
opened 4 bottle of dewars. and in the end i think they open another 2 or something. drink non stop only.justin and yan han. i'll remember wat u two did tat night. keep making me downing the drinks larh! :P


justin, u look botak here :P

yan han
and yea.. foo haw came to join us too ^^