Sunday, November 30, 2008


yesterday was celine's birthday. so she wanted us to go clubing wif her at barcelona. so i picked up jiun after her exam finished from her house and went dinner along wif peng thien and ryan.
okay.. the main point is. yes. i was drunk.. very serious. it was my very first time tat got drunk. feeling was quite good actually :P but my head was like bursting lar. damn headache , damn painful. drank a lot last night. and after i heard of all those feedback from my frens today. only i knew tat my baby took care of me the whole night. i brought her there and made her to take care of me the whole night. i feel so bad weih.. i puked everywhere. and puked on her leg as well. haiyo.. wat la me.. somemore before tat i merajuk a bit. ate too much of vinegar probably. sorry larh. will treat u back k baby :) appeciate tat u took care of me the whole night. thxxxxxx..

last night was a wild night. awesome :P

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a mixture of pictures

last service. i was the manager and we're serving asian buffet. food and everything was awesome. satisfied :D decoration was good too. im here saying thx u to all my management team which is 4 dai kam kong and nadia and my other group members

table setting was okay..

changed my car's tyre to 1 size bigger and also changed the sport rim.
now my car is much more slower then last time but its much more steady.

some other decoration pic

we gave out comment card for customer to rate us and give comment and who knows..

:D lol. have to spend zi lei yam cha edi XD

us wif mr daniel. tat day was daniel's belated birthday :D but he damn kok ci la. keep running away from our birthday bash. :P
cocktail reception

went to watch a1 live on sunday. it was fucking awesome :D
crowdy too :P

ferarri used as a safety car. lol. why not myvi XD

played badminton after tat. wif sze thien and ryan
then went restaurant telephone for steamboat bbq. like shit only..

and today. haircut :) after sooooooo long only i get to cut my hair.
not a good day..
till then..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


its been a while since i update bout myself recently. well.. i've been enjoying this term actually. compare to term 2. its so much easier and easy. term 2's lecture class are like never ending. from early morning till late in the afternoon. but this term is way easier. which actually make me feel even more lazy sometimes :P or should i say. most of the time ? :D haha..

have been catching plenty of movies lately. where i dun used to catch a single one of them. wat to do. have to see watch wif who and my mood de mah. juz catched one today wif dear and peng. anotrher japanese movie. but this one seems to be more interesting compare to the previous 2. the actress is more prettier as well :P keke..

rejected jen jin x3 of joining him for basketball at klang. sry dude. this time really cant make it coz i have x3 assessments in this week. u know larh. college students are famous wif last minute thingie.. sorry sorry :D i'll ajak back u some other time okay. sorry sorry :D

ahhh! i wanna get a LV belt! my uncle juz got one. according to him its the latest one. look damn coolcool rite? its the latest one. damn yeng. bloody hell it cost RM2000! my AX one only cost less then 300 and this is like 7 times much more expensive then it! tsk! too much! i'll have it in my dream larh.. or maybe one day when i strike 4D? (i dun even buy them =.=)

today's assessment was canceled. the assessment suppose to start at 11 to 1, but them hor.. the stupid idiot cockrouch lecturer didnt turn up. so we waited till 12:15 until beh tahan. then selfdeclear assessment cancel! lol. wat a good student we are XD

anyway. spm is coming real soon. time really flies. last year's this moment im still forcing myself to study. which i still didnt study much. and yea , so fast. 1 year edi. now its u guy's turn to sit for the stupid exam. keke.. good luck and all the best to u guys larh.. qian qian , sheena , aileeeeeeen , rachel , wernie , tata , darren , shou, ian , and more and more :D all the best!

aite , its getting late here. time to sleep. 3am =.= and assessment is less then 9 hours. gonna do a little bit more of studying 2mr. till then. ciao~

Monday, November 3, 2008

a sleep-less weekend

i've been staying up late this weekend. went to yam cha , basketball at midnight.. etc etc.. kao kao man seriously. last thursday , fnish bkb and yam cha at 4 sumthing. saturday came back at 5am+ and yesterday 6am. really kao kao. beh jiap xiu! but quite fun thou :P i dun feel much tired actually when im staying up late. but not when im staying up late for study la of course :P hahaha.. gonna have 3 assessments next week. my god my god! have to study hard edi. to prove tat i love someone. *hint hint* :P well , at least to pass the paper larh..

went to pasar malam today. the taman megah one but not the taman tun one. coz i wanna buy cds :D and when im walking around aimless-ly. i saw this dog. this dog looks familier.. hmmmmm... AHHA! its the dog tat my dear love :D toypuddle or sumthing. quite cute larh :P went to curve wif dear yesterday. took a couple of pics by my phone. ;)

felt a bit of dissapointed of not seeing u today..

anyway. college at 8 2mr..nitezzz